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From Me ( a Junior at Wash U) to You: An Introduction

Hey! Brian here. If you will, allow me to introduce myself. Yes–I’m currently a Junior at Wash U on the premed track. Yes– you might find me in the library more often than not. And yes– you’ll find me with a cup of coffee in hand at any given point in the day.

Seeking: Friend

Hi, I’m Michael; let’s be friends.

Those Big Lecture Classes

This past week has been extremely busy for me, with extra-curriculars and major exams having me running from classes to meeting to prolonged study sessions in the library. I just had a biology exam and it counts for a large part of my grade in the class, so needless to say, I was spent much […]

Dera 2.0

If you were hoping for this to be a Freshman Survival Guide post, it’s not, sorry. (The last post of that series will go up on either Saturday or Sunday.) I do, however, have something else for you. *whisks white sheet off of head* Presenting Dera 2.0! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7wd7ZF4Ufc&w=640&h=480]

The Truth About Packing

Four words, one world: Bed Bath and Beyond  Well, technically my four words should be: My Wonderfully Organized Grandma, but I would say her four words, if we had to narrow it down, would be Bed Bath and Beyond (and lots and lots of coupons!). Not only does this monstrous store have everything you could […]

Questions on Questions

Here is a collection of questions (regarding packing and the dormitory set-up) that I was asked last summer from incoming freshman: Do the closets have sliding doors or actual opening doors? Most dorms have closets with actual opening doors, however a select few have no door in which case you could attach your own curtain, […]

Crow Cakes!!!!

One of the best parts of dorm life here at Wash U is that we are all split into residential colleges. Residential colleges consist of two or three dorms (usually freshman and sophomore dorms) that are grouped together. I live in Dardick, and belong to the Wayman Crow Res College (which is obviously the best […]

Papers, Papers, and More Papers

As the school year starts to wind down, the work sure seems to be piling up. I just had two papers due for my Problems in Philosophy and Renaissance Italy classes, which means I have been spending a lot of time at the library. Check out my huge stash of library books! But in all […]

CGIU 2013!

Last week, I got the amazing opportunity to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) event hosted by Washington University in St. Louis. CGIU is an organization started by President Clinton to fund university students to promote change around the world and to pursue global issues they are passionate about. Chelsea Clinton, Chancellor Wrighton, and […]

The First 40

Many universities help incoming freshman celebrate the unforgettable first few days of school with different orientations. At WashU not only is there an approximately five-day extensive orientation program to get things started, but there are special events hosted specifically for freshman throughout the first forty days. The First 40 program is put on by The First […]

Top 10: First Week as a Freshman!

1. Orientation: You should start getting pumped for orientation already, I know I am!! Make sure to attend as many events as you can because this is a really great way to meet people in your first few days as a freshman. 2. Forest Park: It is a really lovely place to hang out, but if […]

Bear Facts

With Bear Facts The First Year Center welcomes the Class of 2016 to the WashU community! This bundle of information is a MUST read for all incoming freshman, parents and family members. Enjoy it 🙂

WUSA: Part 1

The very first person I met upon my arrival in August was a student who referred to himself as a “WUSA”. I soon learned that there were two WUSAs assigned to each freshman floor who freshmen initially meet during orientation, but work throughout the entire year to facilitate the transition to WashU. There is also […]