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Autumn Leaves Frozen in Time

It’s been long overdue, but after my heart to heart letter with Snow last school year, I have unfortunately loss the desire to build a snowman as of late. However, I figured I’d take this awkward time between winter and spring to reminisce on the passing of the Autumn Leaves. Dear Autumn Leaves, In hindsight […]

First snow of the season at WashU!

I am constantly reminded of how beautiful this campus is, and never is it more picturesque than after that first snowfall, when the old buildings stand atop a glistening white carpet.

Fierce as the Freezing Snow

Don’t get me wrong, the snow is really beautiful…I just have a few qualms.

It is sunny again!

Hi everyone!
It is currently 70 degrees outside. This is a huge contrast from the last couple of weeks. I remember coming back from Spring Break and seeing sprinkles of snow falling from the sky. Now, it officially sunny weather time again! It is surprising how much of a role the weather plays in student life here at Wash U.

Spring is here! (and so are the hammocks)

This wonderful warm weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Wait…okay, it could have. It should have been here like a month ago (instead, we got a second winter). But I’m cool with this.  If only I had a picture of what the weather forecasts used to look like. It was sad. As a […]