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Debate Weekend, or: My 5 Seconds of Fame

If you’ve turned on the news or been anywhere near St. Louis these past few weeks, you couldn’t have missed the anticipation in the air. Debate weekend was a blur of excitement for nearly everyone. In the few days leading up to Sunday, news crews from all around the US crowded onto campus to set […]

Student Union president to welcome debate audience

When Kenneth Sng ran for Student Union president last year, providing the welcome at a nationally televised presidential debate was not in his job description. But we certainly don’t hear him complaining. The president just received official word that he and Chancellor Mark Wrighton will welcome the audience at the presidential debate on October 9, and they will present the candidates with Washington University apparel.

Undergrads find a myriad of ways to get involved with debate activities

“This nation will not be more passionate, determined, and idealistic than its young people.” CNN political contributor Van Jones made this poignant statement while speaking to the Washington University community earlier this month.