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Prague Updates: Studying Done Right

So I know it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally got a few of my pictures on to my laptop so here they are, ready and waiting for you to gaze upon them. Here’s a couple pictures of my room. I share it with my roommate from American University. I know it doesn’t […]

Studying Abroad: A Guide to Homesickness

So I’ve been in Prague for a total of four days now but it feels a lot longer. I’ve explored the city a little bit on some unofficial tours and gotten to know some of the other people in my program so I’m definitely starting to feel a little more like I belong here. That’s […]

Prague updates

So more days have passed since my last post than I wanted,  but I decided to write a quick post just to break the radio silence. I just landed in Prague yesterday and it’s been a whirlwind of activities since then. I’ll have pictures in  my next post but I landed in the airport and […]

To Pack or Not to Pack?

So as promised, I’m updating the blog again – another post about the wonders of studying abroad (don’t worry, they won’t all be like this). First: some backup information. I spent a solid few hours of the day crawling Atlanta with my Mom trying to find cheap places to load up on warm clothes for my trip. That’s […]

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Studying Abroad

So it’s been a while since I last posted anything on this blog – sorry about that. Last semester was a mess of different obligations; I took too many classes, signed up for too many work study hours, joined too many clubs, and by the time winter break rolled around I was so worn out […]

What Is It Like to Study Abroad in Japan?

When people ask me what Japan is like, I’m not sure how to respond. What do I focus on? Everything is so different; how could I possibly explain all of it? Here, I attempt to give a glimpse into my life as a student in Japan.