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Exploring St. Louis: My Union Station Adventure

Having to return home for the rest of the semester, I’m thinking a lot about how much I miss St. Louis. Still, this time to reflect has made me so excited to continue to explore the city when I return to campus. One of my favorite spots that I explored this year was Union Station, which just opened recently.

Korean-Mexican Fusion? Surprisingly Good!

A few weekends ago, my friends and I decided to get dinner at Seoul Taco on the Delmar Loop. We had heard many people rave about it, so we thought we’d go and see if it lived up to its reputation.

I Can’t Bey-Lieve It

Every once and a while, I’m reminded why I love living in St. Louis.

Clayton Art Fair

Junior year has kicked off!! It’s crazy to think I’m already done with half of my WashU career, and will be spending the next semester at University of Edinburgh in Scotland! That leaves me with exactly three semesters (two and a half??!) to take full advantage of everything WashU and St. Louis has to offer. […]

The Gardens of St. Louis

On Saturday I spent an unbelievably beautiful day at the Botanical Gardens! They were spectacular. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by how well manicured the entire, ENORMOUS, gardens seemed to be. I went there with my boyfriend, Lane, (again he planned the perfect date)! Getting there: Take the Metrolink to the CWE (Central West End) Station […]

Grandparents’ Weekend

Warning: this post may be a bit extensive, but if you want the in on a perfect itinerary for when your grandparents visit for the weekend – you should definitely keep reading! My grandparents, Grandma Nita & Grandpa Phil Love, came down Friday afternoon to spend some quality time with their granddaughter: mua. They arrived […]

Young the Giant

Last night I witnessed a spectacular performance by Young the Giant at The Pageant, a local venue near campus. One of my roommates actually got some of my friends and I free tickets through a group she is involved with at WashU, so that was an added bonus! If you are at all interested in […]