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Sparkle’s Commandments for the Incoming College Student

This is a list of rules that I came to learn would have been helpful during my first year at WashU. I want you to succeed within your first year, and so I have supplied you with my veteran advice in the format of commandments. I hope that you are able to implement one or […]

To Pack or Not to Pack?

So as promised, I’m updating the blog again – another post about the wonders of studying abroad (don’t worry, they won’t all be like this). First: some backup information. I spent a solid few hours of the day crawling Atlanta with my Mom trying to find cheap places to load up on warm clothes for my trip. That’s […]

What NOT to pack for college

Hi everyone! It is almost the time for school to begin. After spending hours unpacking (since I just got back from China), I now have to spend even more hours *packing* for Wash U. To help make packing easier for everyone, I have a couple pieces of advice on what NOT to pack. I’m sure you all know the “must-bring” items, like school supplies and a pillow. Well…the thing is, some of the “must-bring” items are not entirely necessary! I learned this the hard way last year as a first-year student, and now I’ll share some useful tips with you.

The Truth About Packing

Four words, one world: Bed Bath and Beyond  Well, technically my four words should be: My Wonderfully Organized Grandma, but I would say her four words, if we had to narrow it down, would be Bed Bath and Beyond (and lots and lots of coupons!). Not only does this monstrous store have everything you could […]

Questions on Questions

Here is a collection of questions (regarding packing and the dormitory set-up) that I was asked last summer from incoming freshman: Do the closets have sliding doors or actual opening doors? Most dorms have closets with actual opening doors, however a select few have no door in which case you could attach your own curtain, […]