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It’s Major Declaration Day!

Today, February 22nd, 2021, is scary, exciting, troubling, and stressful for a lot of us sophomores. Today, we officially declare our majors. And although the action is as simple as clicking a couple buttons on WebSTAC, it is a day where many of us have to sit down and think about our futures. Some people […]

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Speak to your SFS Counselor on Duty @ DUC!

SFS is Coming to YOU? As prospective students, many ask questions concerning the financial aspects of college. Parents and students all around the world wonder “Can I afford college now?”. And the answer to that question can be kind of tricky without the guidance of professionals. That is where Student Financial Service (SFS) swoops in […]

‘Summer days, slipping away’: My summer internships!

As I enjoy the last few days of my internships, I can’t believe how fast the time went by. I had a wonderful summer working for the Communications department at the Office of Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer as well as writing for a group of local newspapers. Here’s a bit more about what I worked on this summer!

Extra! Extra!: Writing for Student Life Newspaper

Our newspaper is called Student Life and has been printing since 1878, making it the oldest independent college newspaper west of the Mississippi River! I knew I wanted to get involved with Student Life when I got to campus in August, but I wasn’t sure to what extent. To my surprise, all I needed to do was add myself to the email list, which I did at Student Life’s booth at the Fall Activities Fair.

How to Select the Right University for You?

If you’ve just been accepted to Washington University…Congratulations!

1 Semester Down, 7 To Go: My Life at WashU

Welcome to my blog! Here’s some info on me and what I do at WashU. I can’t wait to keep sharing my life with all of you!

Life on the South 40: Highlights

The South 40 (literally, forty acres of living space located directly south of the Danforth Campus) is home to about 3,200 students in twenty-three residence halls. Generally, all freshmen and many sophomores live on the 40 – so as a junior who still calls the 40 “home” (and, no, I’m not even an RA), I’m […]

College: Cupcakes, Sprinkles, and Cilantro

College! Yay college! That magical paradise where you do whatever you want however and whenever you want. As my friend Katie likes to say, “Sorry, but I can’t hear you over the sound of my freedom.” Given, she’s usually talking about her constitutional rights as an American when she says this, but I think the […]

Top 10: First Week as a Freshman!

1. Orientation: You should start getting pumped for orientation already, I know I am!! Make sure to attend as many events as you can because this is a really great way to meet people in your first few days as a freshman. 2. Forest Park: It is a really lovely place to hang out, but if […]

WUSA: Part 1

The very first person I met upon my arrival in August was a student who referred to himself as a “WUSA”. I soon learned that there were two WUSAs assigned to each freshman floor who freshmen initially meet during orientation, but work throughout the entire year to facilitate the transition to WashU. There is also […]