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WashU on YouTube: An Interview with Desirae Bartos (’22)

The start of her channel was based on the purpose of illustrating diversity at WashU. Desirae says that she wants to show that “there are black women succeeding here and representation is super important”.

Sparkle’s Commandments for the Incoming College Student

This is a list of rules that I came to learn would have been helpful during my first year at WashU. I want you to succeed within your first year, and so I have supplied you with my veteran advice in the format of commandments. I hope that you are able to implement one or […]

How to Select the Right University for You?

If you’ve just been accepted to Washington University…Congratulations!

The Truth About Packing

Four words, one world: Bed Bath and Beyond  Well, technically my four words should be: My Wonderfully Organized Grandma, but I would say her four words, if we had to narrow it down, would be Bed Bath and Beyond (and lots and lots of coupons!). Not only does this monstrous store have everything you could […]

Top 10: First Week as a Freshman!

1. Orientation: You should start getting pumped for orientation already, I know I am!! Make sure to attend as many events as you can because this is a really great way to meet people in your first few days as a freshman. 2. Forest Park: It is a really lovely place to hang out, but if […]

What’s in a Dorm Room?

Just last Sunday, July 1, 2012 the WashU Class of 2016 received their room assignments and I am excited to welcome you, Class of 2016, to the WashU dorm life! I honestly believe that WashU has some of the very nicest dorms in the entire country, and for that matter probably the entire world, but […]

Bear Facts

With Bear Facts The First Year Center welcomes the Class of 2016 to the WashU community! This bundle of information is a MUST read for all incoming freshman, parents and family members. Enjoy it 🙂