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Food Diaries – Half & Half

My suitemates and I decided that the right way to start this new semester and year was to spend some quality bonding time during the first weekend back in St. Louis. And what better thing to bond over than our love for food? We decided to check out a restaurant called ‘Half & Half” in […]

Food Diaries – Crepes etc.

I might have just found heaven on earth. Or at least something pretty close. Crepes etc. is a small French-style restaurant in the heart of the Central West End in St. Louis that serves a variety of breakfast and lunch crepes, along with other winter staples such as hot chocolate and coffee. I’ve already been […]

Food Diaries – Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill

As promised, I’ve continued my food adventures around St. Louis to report back about some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten, and this restaurant is now one of my absolute favorite Italian places I’ve ever been to. This restaurant, Charlie Gitto’s, is located in the Hill, which is home to the Italian section […]