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ED is EZ!

Hi everyone! This time four years ago, I was busy preparing for the dreadful process of applying to colleges. I remember taking my first ACT test during the fall of my high school junior year. Later on, I applied for a summer program at Washington University. When senior year came around, I applied Early Decision and received my acceptance letter from Washington University! While this entire process sounds smooth and simple, I promise you that I was anxious, nervous, scared, and even overwhelmed the entire time. Well, at least until I knew for sure that I was going to college. 😛

Welcome, Early Decision Class of 2017!

The time has come. The wait is over. Congratulations, you made it! Please feel free to ask me questions about WashU in the comments below. I have a lot of information about the WashU experience (or at least a lot compared to what I knew as a high school senior), and I would love to […]