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Women in STEM Panel

My favorite thing about being a STEM major is the fact that I am a woman majoring in STEM. I love that I defied the odds and chose a major that is usually chosen by men. Everyday, I’m reminded that I am serving as a representation that it can be done. I am sure I’m […]

“TED Talk”- Encouraging Black Kids to Pursue Careers in STEM

I decided created a video about the importance of encouraging Black kids to pursue careers in STEM. In my video, I talk about how there is a lack of representation of Black people in STEM, which in turns causes Black children to think that the profession isn’t made for them. It’s important to me to be the best role model I can to motivate Black kids to see themselves in a science profession.

Center supports students, facilitates discussion

Every student, faculty member, staff member, and organization contributes to the diverse community that is Washington University. For the past year, diversity has had another advocate. The university established the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to “enhance and strengthen Washington University’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community.”