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A Day in My Life with Online Classes

Online classes have naturally changed the way WashU students go about their days. Here’s a look at a day in my life during this strange semester!

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5 Things I Learned 1st Semester| WashU 360

Hey guys, I am finally done with my first semester and learned so much about life at WashU! Here’s my 5 things I learned 1st semester!

First snow of the season at WashU!

I am constantly reminded of how beautiful this campus is, and never is it more picturesque than after that first snowfall, when the old buildings stand atop a glistening white carpet.

Campus I SPY: Round 2 (Round 1 Answers Included)

Here is the second round of Campus I SPY. Goodluck!

Wandering through the Jungle that is WashU

I’m sort of a pianist, or at least I like to think of myself as such. It’s my favorite pass time…other than sleeping. My love for pianos, keyboards, and everything in between has led me to many different places around campus. So, I figured I would trace my journey across WashU’s campus in search of […]

Discover WashU’s hidden treasure

“Ahoy! Keep going west, Cabin Boy! We must sail away from this whirl of electron affinity! Tug tug…”
I fixed my cocked hat and strode across my bedroom, yelling out to my brother as he steered a small hula hoop beside me. We kept sailing, from center O at 8°00’ N and 15°99’E to Beryllium Island at 3°00’ N and 9°01’ W. It was a treacherous voyage, because we were quickly losing ionization energy!

New Beginnings

It’s Fall 2016 and I’m officially back at WashU to start the new year. I’m a senior now so I basically know the in’s and out’s of the campus and its workings, right? Absolutely not. If anything, being away from WashU for basically 9 months has made me less sure than I used to be. […]

Center supports students, facilitates discussion

Every student, faculty member, staff member, and organization contributes to the diverse community that is Washington University. For the past year, diversity has had another advocate. The university established the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to “enhance and strengthen Washington University’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community.”