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Settling In

You know what they say about Junior year. Third time’s the charm.

Sophomore or Freshman?

Hi guys! So after stumbling through the first Monday and Tuesday of my sophomore year, I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between this school year and last year. Even though now I get to label myself as a “sophomore,” I still feel like I am pretty new to the Wash U campus. Being a freshman last year was easy because I had an excuse to be confused and lost. I remember walking around with a map and trying to find Cupples I and Cupples II (hint: Cupples II is CLOSER to Olin Library than Cupples I, which took me quite a while to remember). Now that I am a sophomore, I can no longer walk up to a random stranger and ask where a building is located without feeling embarrassed. And trust me, I had to embarrassingly ask a few friends (mostly student tour guides) for help.

What NOT to pack for college

Hi everyone! It is almost the time for school to begin. After spending hours unpacking (since I just got back from China), I now have to spend even more hours *packing* for Wash U. To help make packing easier for everyone, I have a couple pieces of advice on what NOT to pack. I’m sure you all know the “must-bring” items, like school supplies and a pillow. Well…the thing is, some of the “must-bring” items are not entirely necessary! I learned this the hard way last year as a first-year student, and now I’ll share some useful tips with you.