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Summer Adventures @WashU: Creating w/ College Prep Scholars

This summer, I had the privilege of working as a Program Assistant for the College Prep Program at WashU.  The College Prep program is an intensive, on-campus learning experience at Washington University for St. Louis area high achieving high school students. College Prep Scholars attend workshops, lectures and campus activities during the summer and academic […]

Meet the Creators’…Gallery

Crushed egg. Splat. Piano keys. Clang. Comedic skit. Clap. Clap. Clap. These are the visual images displayed before you. A soft hum of a gentle voice, flowing from a girl warming up before her performance. Rustling of paper as two guys prepare to set the scene for a small play. The clanging of folding, metal […]

A 5 Foot Scorpion Invades Campus

You read that correctly! There is a five foot scorpion on campus. Well…I am building one.                  .  Our first assignment in 3D Studio is that of constructing a variety of insects using mere cardboard. In my opinion, many of these insects are prehistoric or native to certain […]

Special Visit Days – Summer 2018

Join us to explore the possibilities! During the summer, WashU offers special visit days that allow prospective students to align their personal interests with specific academic programs. These days offer in-depth insight into study abroad opportunities, research, internships, and combined studies. Plan your visit today! Space at these programs is limited. ACADEMIC EXPLORATION DAYS Monday, […]

So culture, much impressive

Performances on performances on performances.