My First Chinese New Year’s in China

I spent my first Chinese New Year in China with my friend’s family in Suzhou. It was a whirl of friends, family, majiang, and lots and lots of food. Come with me as I experience the first day of the celebrations– New Year’s Eve.

Free Food at WashU!

There is nothing WashU students love more than free stuff. Here’s a list of some of my favorite free food opportunities on campus!

More about Bright

Hi readers! My name is Bright, and I am a freshman transferring into the Olin Business School from the Sam Fox School.

Paint with all the Colors of Your Mind

It’s okay to take a break and relax every once in a while.

My WashU: Then and Now

In which I explain why I decided to attend WashU and how my experiences have compared to my expectations!

Lofty Lifestyle

The lofts. Four buildings on the Delmar loop that are an easy fifteen minute walk to campus. During the warmer months, the walk to campus by way of Skinker Blvd is shaded by magnificent trees along the Skinker neighborhoods. During the winter, their bare branches reach out to catch snowflakes as they become the woods […]

This is Real, This is ME!

Coming into college was terrifying, but WashU has been a place where I’ve genuinely found things I’m passionate about. Here’s a sneak peek into my life as a current freshman.

1 Semester Down, 7 To Go: My Life at WashU

Welcome to my blog! Here’s some info on me and what I do at WashU. I can’t wait to keep sharing my life with all of you!

Spotlight on the Loop: Subterranean Books

Today’s spotlight is one of my favorite places in St. Louis, a cozy corner of the Delmar Loop, a delightful haven of warmth and joy, Subterranean Books!

Callie’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Note: I am focusing on the non-academic side of finals. I could give you a billion tips on how to study, but I am still recovering from the week of testing (not to be dramatic or anything.)

Designing for America @WashU

Leaving campus is an adventurous way to take a break from the rigor and workload that is WashU. The organizations and extracurricular groups on campus will often lend opportunities for that adventure into the community around your university.

Research Papers Are Not Scary

When you hear the phrase “research paper”, what is your first response? Are you intimidated, anxious, or excited?

FINALS WEEK! (JK, it’s just reading week)

Get as much sleep as you can in high school, because going to bed before 11pm is a goal of mine in college that I have not been able to achieve even if I am physically in bed at 10:30pm

One Semester Down… Seven to Go!

Now that I have survived my first semester of college (and with meal points to spare!), it seems like I am due for a short reflection on the academic shift from high school to college. There are numerous aspects of college that are drastically different, but I want to focus on arguably the most important part of school: the classes.

Roaring into a New Environment

Alternate title: “Everything that the light touches is yours.”


A short list

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. To help you learn a bit about me, in true WashU fashion, I created a list of essential facts about me that will give you a glimpse into my world.

Surviving Pre-Finals

In which I survive the hardest week of my WashU career.

Swim like a Mermaid, Sting like a Bee

In this essay I will…compare riding a train to flying?