Into the Grid: Florence Edition

In Firenze, anyone interested in the Renaissance gets to stand and study for short periods in churches, chapels, and buildings designed by many famous renaissance artists, but only the lucky few study for long periods, eat lunch, paint, design, play with the resident cat, for an entire semester in a palace remodeled by Raphael. Italy […]

Revisiting the Renaissance

It’s junior year. I stand at the entrance gazing up at poster of the David by Donatello hanging off the side of the building. The Bargello museum, Firenze. Flashback to freshman year. Looking up at an image of the same David, massive, about this size in William Wallace’s Introduction to Western Art being projected onto […]

A Day in the Life

Thank you to all that attended our first #WashU Wednesday Webinar about student life! Our panel of students answered questions about everything under the sun from athletics and housing, to St. Louis and “Why WashU?” If you missed it—you can view it here.

Fun Dorm Activities: Baking!

When I first visited WashU, my favorite thing about the 40 was, and continues to be, the community I’ve found there. There’s so much to do, whether it’s running to Bear’s Den to grab a meal and staying for hours talking with friends, buying candy at the student owned and run Bear-y Sweet Shop, or having a karaoke night with my floormates in the common room. This semester, one of my favorite features of residential life has been the kitchens in my dorm building.

I Am A STAR(S) and You Might Be, Too!

If you receive this letter, consider yourself invited to one of the most amazing student engagement programs at Washington University. As a Deneb, I have nothing but high respect for the Deneb Stars Program and its commitment to my overall success as a student at WashU.

Into the Woods: Skating in Forest Park

Running in forest park is a classic diversion for WashU students. The trails vary in sights and lengths. A short run can make an easy workout break from studying or Netflix binge. Running from the AC to Art Hill and back makes for a run that is short and steep. Or, my preference, a run […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Go UP

As a first-generation college student, most of what I know about applying to, attending, and surviving at university is through my own collective experiences. Needless to say…it has been a tremendously bumpy road.

Into the Woods: Lions and Tigers and Bears!

A storm has just passed whether it was a busy week of activities, exams, or a literal weather event. It’s now a sunny day, a snowy night, or course work is a bit less wild. Whatever combination of events it might be, I am seeking to clear my head and get back to home base. […]

Coffee Break

It’s Tuesday afternoon in February, we’ve been in art class for an hour and a half doing critique of a project. Its a standard packing design project, with an historical twist. What would the  packaging design be for a family owned business during the Renaissance. Everyone is enthusiastic about the critique and opportunity to bring […]

My Scholarship Programs at WashU!

When I traveled to campus this time last year for Scholars Weekend, I thought that the merit scholarships I would be interviewed for were monetary awards and nothing else. However, as the weekend went by, I quickly realized that the program would be so much more than that. With Scholars Weekend fast approaching, here’s a look into my experience with my scholarships for those who might be about to arrive on campus as scholarship finalists!

WashU chooses U

When I thought about college, I thought my next four years would take place in Manhattan. I was excited to walk into a cafe and watch the lives of strangers take place in front of me, excited to be Carrie Bradshaw or Serena van der Woodsen, to be part of something that was so much […]

My Favorite Places to Hang Out on Campus!

One of my favorite things about WashU is that there are so many locations on campus designed to foster collaboration and interaction. No matter where I am on campus, I’m always close to a great place to sit down with a friend and chat, do homework, or share a meal. Here are some of my favorite places to hang out at WashU!

Meet the Creators’…Gallery

Crushed egg. Splat. Piano keys. Clang. Comedic skit. Clap. Clap. Clap. These are the visual images displayed before you. A soft hum of a gentle voice, flowing from a girl warming up before her performance. Rustling of paper as two guys prepare to set the scene for a small play. The clanging of folding, metal […]

Something Bigger Than Yourself

A look into how I spend my Friday evenings.

A 5 Foot Scorpion Invades Campus

You read that correctly! There is a five foot scorpion on campus. Well…I am building one.                  .  Our first assignment in 3D Studio is that of constructing a variety of insects using mere cardboard. In my opinion, many of these insects are prehistoric or native to certain […]

WashU Musicianhood: Chamber Masterclass

In which I partake in my first masterclass at college.

Explore STL! Ways To Get Off Campus

With so much happening on campus, it can be hard to make time to step out of the WashU bubble. But it’s worth it. Whether you come from a big city or tiny, remote town, St. Louis has everything you could want. Here are some fun ways I’ve gotten off-campus this year.

Spirit of Korea 2019: Auditions (Pt. 1)

In which we come full circle, and I learn a little more about myself.