Flying into Fall Break

What did my Fall Break on campus look like? Lots and lots of sleep.

The Great St. Louis Outdoors

Another couple hours on the road … another weekend away from campus!

Down the Rabbit Hole of Rocky Horror?

I stood right at the front of the closed doors. Surrounded by the slight murmur of conversation. A line of people gathered behind me, anxiously waiting. I pull my phone from where it hides, tucked away into my back pocket. The time is 7:59. Just one…minute…left. One more minute until I’m confronted with the the […]

A Trip Away From Campus

In which I get to appreciate NATURE-nature.

A Not So Hidden Gem

The Career Center at Wash U has many helpful resources for students, but its work groups are some of its best resources. While work groups now represent a variety of interests, from engineering to entertainment, the government and public policy work group was the first of its kind. Students and faculty created it to provide […]

Tangled up in a New World

Leaving the long stretch of grass, trees, corn fields, and lakes that is Louisiana was one of the hardest and also most exhilarating moments of my life. Saying goodbye to family, friends, childhood homes, and welcoming in new experiences and opportunities with open arms. This is where all those days watching from the window got […]

Cave of Wonders

It’s always rewarding when you have a class that actually makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. To me, as a prospective English major, writing soothes the soul. It allows me an escape. It is a tool that I often use to release my thoughts into the world, hoping that one […]

“There’s just no telling how far I’ll go” – a famous explorer named Moana

Hey everyone!!! My name is A’Daja, and I am a first year student at WashU. Go Bears!!! After a nine hour drive from my hometown I’ve finally made it to my four year home. I couldn’t be happier. Just a little bit about myself: I am (or well I plan to be) an English major, […]

Tips from WashU’s application experts

Hello everyone, I’m Maranda! I have been an application processor for a few years now, and I LOVE working with prospective students as they navigate the college application process. When you call or email with a question about your application, the other processors and I are here with an answer. I want to share our tips with you, in the hope that they will help you stay organized and keep your stress to a minimum as you apply to college.

Why Wait? All About Early Decision

If WashU is your first choice – and we hope it is – we strongly encourage you to apply Early Decision (ED)!

La Classe in Italia

“Vorrei un cappuccino, per favore” The mornings were soft, the cold of the night warming in the Tuscan sun. My roommate for the duration of the trip was still asleep but I am an early riser. I slipped out of bed, tossed on yesterday’s rumpled jeans, grabbed a key for our airbnb and headed out. […]

WashU Virtual Tour

Haven’t visited campus yet? Take a virtual tour!

We know it’s easier to picture yourself at a school when you see it for yourself. But we also know it’s not always possible to visit – or maybe you just haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Sculpture to Commemorate 1904 Olympics on WashU Campus

The site of the 1904 Olympic Games on the WashU campus is getting international recognition with the dedication Friday, Sept. 28, of an Olympic rings sculpture that will sit permanently near historic Francis Field. Read More

WashU Bear Mascot

A Student’s Quest to be the WashU Bear

It’s Day One of mascot tryouts at WashU, and Priyanka Deodhar, an exchange student from France, is hopeful.

Azores, Portugal

WashU Students Travel to Azores, Portugal

Volcanic craters, fumeroles and hot springs mark the rugged landscape of São Miguel island, in the remote Portuguese Azores, where undergraduate students from WashU traveled to study field geology techniques during their 2018 spring break.

PL4Y Showcase: A Year Later

In which I take my fascination and turn it into action.

Life as an Upperclassman

In which I ascend the non-hierarchical food chain.

What did WashU students do during summer vacation?

What did Washington University students do on their summer vacation? Design planes. Research cancer. Study baboons. The WashU Career Center reports students spent the summer of 2018 conducting groundbreaking research, serving their communities and working in their fields. Read more