Friends, food, and fun: Memories from my first year

Over a month after finishing my first year at WashU, I still can’t believe it’s over. On one hand, it went by insanely fast. Sometimes I feel like I’m still about to go to college, rather than actually being in it. On the other hand, so much has happened since August of last year. I’ve learned so much about myself and made connections with people whom I can’t imagine not knowing. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that so much has changed in just a year.

Campus I SPY: Round 1

The game is simple: guess the name of the building and/or location.

Wandering through the Jungle that is WashU

I’m sort of a pianist, or at least I like to think of myself as such. It’s my favorite pass time…other than sleeping. My love for pianos, keyboards, and everything in between has led me to many different places around campus. So, I figured I would trace my journey across WashU’s campus in search of […]

Sparkle’s Commandments for the Incoming College Student

This is a list of rules that I came to learn would have been helpful during my first year at WashU. I want you to succeed within your first year, and so I have supplied you with my veteran advice in the format of commandments. I hope that you are able to implement one or […]

Summer Adventures: Camp Windermere

In which I obtain another great encounter with nature

Why WashU?: Being Brave

I wish I could say that WashU was my number one choice. That it was my dream school and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. But that wouldn’t be true. It’d make me a fraud, and if there’s one thing I cannot do…is to be dishonest to myself or to you. But in all honesty, […]

All That Glows: Missouri Botanical Gardens

It’s a Saturday, you’ve been studying inside all morning and you’re ready to get away from beige walls and ceilings to see some greenery. You trek over to the Saint Louis Art Museum admiring an impressionist garden wishfully. Imagining you’re there. While the show of flowers and sunlight falling over the paint like splashes of […]

Into the Woods: Paintings and Picnic Baskets

SLAM! aka Saint Louis Art Museum, sits at the top of Art Hill in Forest Park. It is the nearest off campus attraction in Forest Park. This makes it an easy resource for classes as well as a great excursion from campus. The best part is you can go as often as you like because […]

Summer Adventures: Rock ‘n Roll

In which I enjoy some of the best nature Missouri has to offer.

Endings, Beginnings, and Everything in Between: Graduation

It’s that time of year: graduation. It’s time to say goodbye to our grads and hello to warm weather and new adventures. This week I’ve been contemplating what saying goodbye to the seniors means. First and foremost, it signals that it is my turn to become a senior. Something that seemed impossible to achieve as […]

Ice Cream Sundae with Sprinkles

Sparkle’s Creative List of DIY Snacks Using Items from Paws’n’Go—the local South 40 Grocery inside of the Bear’s Den (Aka BD)

Sparkle’s Creative DIY Snacks Using Items from Paws’n’Go

Extra! Extra!: Writing for Student Life Newspaper

Our newspaper is called Student Life and has been printing since 1878, making it the oldest independent college newspaper west of the Mississippi River! I knew I wanted to get involved with Student Life when I got to campus in August, but I wasn’t sure to what extent. To my surprise, all I needed to do was add myself to the email list, which I did at Student Life’s booth at the Fall Activities Fair.

Living On-Campus

In which I reflect on living in a campus ranked with the best dorms in the nation…

How to Select the Right University for You?

If you’ve just been accepted to Washington University…Congratulations!

Finding my Passion

I found my passion here at WashU, hopefully, you can as well!

Into the Grid: Florence Edition

In Firenze, anyone interested in the Renaissance gets to stand and study for short periods in churches, chapels, and buildings designed by many famous renaissance artists, but only the lucky few study for long periods, eat lunch, paint, design, play with the resident cat, for an entire semester in a palace remodeled by Raphael. Italy […]

Revisiting the Renaissance

It’s junior year. I stand at the entrance gazing up at poster of the David by Donatello hanging off the side of the building. The Bargello museum, Firenze. Flashback to freshman year. Looking up at an image of the same David, massive, about this size in William Wallace’s Introduction to Western Art being projected onto […]

A Day in the Life

Thank you to all that attended our first #WashU Wednesday Webinar about student life! Our panel of students answered questions about everything under the sun from athletics and housing, to St. Louis and “Why WashU?” If you missed it—you can view it here.