4 years later: Why I Would Still Choose WashU

I remember being at a mixer during freshman year—relishing the joy of being in college at WashU, making new friends, and finding belonging. During a longer conversation I engaged in that evening, I realized the students I was talking to were second semester seniors. They seemed so much older to me at the time, more […]

Travel the World at WashU

Here at WashU, there are a multitude of cultural events to take part in and to see! The events range from performances at the Edison Theater, to various film festivals showcasing films from different regions of the world, to the possibility of joining over 100 diversity groups.

Exploring St. Louis: My Union Station Adventure

Having to return home for the rest of the semester, I’m thinking a lot about how much I miss St. Louis. Still, this time to reflect has made me so excited to continue to explore the city when I return to campus. One of my favorite spots that I explored this year was Union Station, which just opened recently.

From One Bear to (Hopefully) Another

Perhaps the question I hear most often—and always the one I dread answering the most—from prospective students is “Why did you choose WashU?” My apprehension has nothing to do with my inability to answer the question at all; instead, it has everything to do with my confidence in my ability to encapsulate everything that I […]

Riso Workshop

Sam Fox is a host of cool equipment: from letter presses to laser cutters. The good news is that students who are in studios with this equipment are taught how to use it safely and have access to it during lab monitor hours. The better news? Students can also gain access to these unique tools […]

Mostly Homemade: 5 Simple Recipes

Meal preparation has become a go-to method of relaxation and study break. Yes, I look forward to going home in the evening and pulling ingredients from kitchen cupboards and the fridge and then assembling them into delicious meals and decadent desserts. When I lived on the South 40 in a dorm, I made do with […]

BearFIT at the Rec!

In my last post, I talked about how amazing the rec center is here at WashU. It’s so amazing that here I am, writing another post about what it has to offer! I touched a little bit on the two studios at the rec and how they are my favorite spots to go to. However, […]

Stress=Rec Center

It’s not a lie that college is often extremely stressful for students, especially if you’re taking roughly 15-20 credit hours along with juggling extracurricular activities. As I stated in some of my other posts, I am a 3-2 dual-degree engineering student. In other words, I am completing my Chemical Engineering degree in only 2 years. […]

Autumn Leaves Frozen in Time

It’s been long overdue, but after my heart to heart letter with Snow last school year, I have unfortunately loss the desire to build a snowman as of late. However, I figured I’d take this awkward time between winter and spring to reminisce on the passing of the Autumn Leaves. Dear Autumn Leaves, In hindsight […]

Why did I choose WASHU?

Hey guys! As final decision time comes closer and closer, I want to give a little insight and guidance as to how and why I decided to choose WashU as my home for the next four years. So hope you enjoy and find your home here as well! See you in the fall!

Interfaith Week Lecture: Faith in Action

One of the great perks of being a WashU student is the number of incredible speakers that arrive on WashU’s campus to share their stories and work. It gives students an avenue to learn about communities that may be different than their own and build new tools, connections and understanding. Recently, the event “Faith in […]

It’s Raining Dogs in Soulard!

Who doesn’t love a furry friend with a wet nose and a warm heart? The Purina Pet Parade and Wiener Dog Derby events that take place in the historic Soulard district of St. Louis are the perfect cure for college induced dog deprivation. Occurring the weekend before Mardi Gras, the Purina Pet Parade boasts that […]

Class Highlight: U.S Foreign Policy

One of the most interesting classes I’ve taken in my years at WashU has been a class I’m taking this semester, U.S Foreign Policy. As an International and Area Studies major, I already had an interest in foreign policy. However, the format of this class makes the topic fascinating regardless. The simulation exercises that take […]

안녕하세요! Bonjour!

And Hello! Hopefully in seven years I can greet everybody in six more languages 🙂 My name is Leandra and I’m a first-year student whose goal is to become a polyglot. This is the part where you’re thinking, “What in the world…” Well, a polyglot is someone who is able to speak or use multiple […]

I Did Everything Fun In St Louis On My Birthday So Now You Don’t Have To

Let’s just cut right to the chase. As the title of this post suggests, I went all out on my 21st birthday this year filling up my entire last week of classes attempting to find the best activities in the St. Louis area. I have spent multiple birthdays in St. Louis since I was in […]

February: The Month of Love & Major Declarations

It is only natural that I’m very into Valentine’s Day. Twenty-four hours dedicated to mediocre boxed-chocolate and cheesy cards with declarations of love? Right up my alley.  I wish all declarations came in heart-shaped paper, accompanied by a rose and cherry-filled truffles. Although I’m sure my advisor would appreciate a nice card and a sleeve […]


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Speak to your SFS Counselor on Duty @ DUC!

SFS is Coming to YOU? As prospective students, many ask questions concerning the financial aspects of college. Parents and students all around the world wonder “Can I afford college now?”. And the answer to that question can be kind of tricky without the guidance of professionals. That is where Student Financial Service (SFS) swoops in […]