I chose to attend Washington University in St Louis because of three main reasons: People, Place, and Program. While I was touring schools around the US I remember thinking “this would be nice” or “I think I would like it here”, but it was when I arrived to WashU’s campus that I knew I had stumbled upon my perfect, for lack of a better word, university match! I immediately fell in love with the people who I met after just one day on campus. They were kind, outgoing, helpful, diverse, and truly interested in the school. The campus remains stunning throughout the year, through rain and shine, and St. Louis is a surprisingly entertaining city as well. The city’s size is manageable and provides an excellent means for students to get off campus now and then. Finally, I found the ability for students to take classes in fields other than their designated major incredibly appealing. Right now, for example, not only am I enrolled in classes applicable to my engineering major, but I am also enrolled in a Spanish language class and a writing class. It was a combination of all of these elements that attracted me to WashU over all else.

Photo credit to Brittany Edwards