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The First-Year Experience Through the Eyes of a WUSA

Washington University Student Associates (WUSA) work to make the WashU first-year experience one-of-a-kind.

Reliving the First-Year Experience — Lessons from a former WUSA

This past year I served as a Washington University Student Associate (WUSA for short), one of many volunteers with the First Year Center tasked with helping first year students ease into College life through a variety of exciting events and programs. Here I look back on my year-long experience, reflecting on how much I learned about Wash U, and how much work the school puts in to ensure each student has a successful first year experience.

Picnic on Art Hill!!!

As I’ve mentioned many times before on this blog, one of my most valuable experiences thus far on Wash U’s campus has been being a WUSA. As a WUSA, we plan off-campus activities once a semester for the freshman on the floor we are assigned to. We started off the year on my floor, Dardick […]

Saturday in the Park!

This past week, all the freshman floors and their WUSAs came together for Saturday in the Park, one of the major events through the first 40 days of freshman year. Saturday in the Park is a day planned by the First Year Center where the WUSAs (WashU Student Associates) take groups of students from their […]