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Women in STEM Panel

My favorite thing about being a STEM major is the fact that I am a woman majoring in STEM. I love that I defied the odds and chose a major that is usually chosen by men. Everyday, I’m reminded that I am serving as a representation that it can be done. I am sure I’m […]

Women in IT (Part IV): The other side of Olin Library

Oct 21, 2013 I have seen the soul of Olin, and it is impressive. I met with Holli in the lobby of Olin so she could show me around where she works. Now, I’m familiar with the 2nd and 3rd floor, and I’ve done my time in the A and B stacks, but those environments […]

Women in IT (Part III): A meeting with the music librarian

October 10th, 2013 For my first mentor session with Holli, we got together with Brad Short, the music librarian at WashU, to talk about careers in music and technology. The weather was nice, so we sat right outside the Gaylord Music Library (The library itself is a really neat place. Check it out if you […]

Women in IT (Part II): Evaluating my strengths, meeting my mentor

StrengthsQuest Soon after the program started, we were sent a link to an online test called the StrengthsQuest test. I answered a series of questions about my personality and behavior, and in return it told me what my five strongest traits were. My results, in order of dominance, were: Futuristic, Empathy, Intellection, Deliberative, and Learner. These […]

Women in IT (Part I): Introduction to SPIN-IT

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m a member of SPIN-IT, a new leadership program at WashU for women in IT. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of SPIN-IT, and in this series of blog posts I’ll go into detail about what I’ve been doing. Spoiler alert: it involves female empowerment and a lot […]