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Present Moral Problems

I guess I should not be surprised that I love my philosophy class so much. Present Moral Problems, taught by Brian Talbot, is one of the most interesting and thought provoking classes I’ve taken so far at WashU.

Speaker Events: How to learn about fascinating topics you might know nothing about

Featuring: Dr. Jonathan D. Pollack from the Brookings Institution speaking on North Korea + my love of lectures

Study Breaks and Bonding

We are in midterm season at Wash U. You always know when it’s that time: the weather is cooling down, people are pulling on boots, stuffing their arms in sweaters, study groups are forming, reviews are happening, textbooks and notecards are strewn across every table on campus. Students sit together encouraging each other through the […]

Tips from WashU’s application experts

When you call or email with a question about your application, our application processors are here with an answer. They know the ins and outs of the applications, the process, and the frequently asked questions. Now they’re sharing their tips for staying organized and keeping your stress to a minimum as you apply to colleges and universities.

WILD: Walk In, Lay Down?

Yesterday was WILD, an event that happens once every semester at WashU. WILD is an acronym which stands for “walk in, lay down,” although the nature of the event does not usually call for much relaxation. (In a good way)

Photo of the Week: Welcome Fall

This week I mourn the loss of the beautiful weather of last week. St. Louis is finally accepting the fact that it’s Fall now, as it’s been gloomy and rainy all week. But that just means it’s time for flannels, sweatpants, and all things pumpkin!

A Mid-Midterm Break

How I recharged after midterms this semester …

Fall It Up

Dogs, donuts, pumpkins, pie, and polaroids. Just a few of the things that make an appearance at Fall activities on the South 40. There is always something to attend. Pay attention to signs posted anywhere in Res Colleges, in BD, and Facebook events and you’ll see the new reminder for whatever fun event is being […]

Right Back to Writing

While high school courses and strict paper-writing formulas resulted in my decreasing interest in writing, the flexible creative writing courses at WashU have reminded me why I used to love it so much.

Photo(s) of the Week: Inside Art Studio

Juniors and Seniors in the Communication Design program have their own desks in studio to work at during and out of class. Everyone decorates their space in unique ways, so I thought it’d be fun to do a photo series of people’s desks!

Community time! The Japanese Festival

The beautiful St. Louis Botanical Garden hosts the Japanese Festival near the end of every summer. Check in to see some of the awesome arts and culture showcases they have there! (Featuring: the Wash U Kendo Club)

The South 40 Fitness Center

The South 40 fitness center is one of my favorite places on campus. Many people don’t find out about the 40’s very own fitness center until they have seen their friend disappearing up the stairs in Bears Den. Once they know what it is, they fall in love with this wonderful little treasure tucked above […]

1,005.8 miles later…

Hey guys! My name is Chris, and I’m currently a sophomore majoring Classics and minoring in Data Science and the Humanities & Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences here at WashU. I am also working on pursuing an accelerated program in the Olin Business School to earn a Masters in either Business Administration […]

Early Decision at WashU

Sophomore blogger Lexi Jackson shares the top three reasons why she applied Early Decision to WashU.

Photo(s) of the Week: Roadtrip Adventure

One of the things I like about living in St. Louis is how many places you can travel from here!

WashU Musicianhood: The Beginning (a.k.a. oh, no – Auditions)

Because classical music is NOT “just for old people.”

Bear’s Den: By Food and Story

College students love food. One of the times of day they look forward to is heading to Bear’s Den or BD, the South 40’s dining hall. A wonderful place with almost any food a student could want to consume –  stir fry, burgers, veggie burgers, grain bowls, cereal, salads, grilled cheese, Kosher meals, pasta, pizza, palak […]

Life as a Walrus

Switching residential colleges: the transition from Lien to Wheeler.