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My Friday Eating Schedule

Daily good eats is a privilege as a WashU student because your meal plan will grant you access to the delicious on-campus food options. In this blog post, I will narrate my perfect Friday of eating, illustrating how food items as simple as muffins to as complex as calamari will craft a WashU student’s eating experience!

From Me ( a Junior at Wash U) to You: An Introduction

Hey! Brian here. If you will, allow me to introduce myself. Yes–I’m currently a Junior at Wash U on the premed track. Yes– you might find me in the library more often than not. And yes– you’ll find me with a cup of coffee in hand at any given point in the day.

Challenges I (Still!) Have as a Sophomore — Part II

Last time I wrote to you, I told you the first three things I still struggle with as an undergrad sophomore. I wanted to fit everything into one letter, but to not overwhelm you, I put it in these cute, digestible chunks. Either way, here are the last two things I’m still learning how to deal with in my undergrad sophomore year here at Wash U!


Stories from a Senior: My Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Emily. I am a rising senior studying English Literature and Secondary Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m from Bedford, New Hampshire and for the past three years I’ve fondly referred to St. Louis as my “home away from home”.

Challenges I (Still!) Have as a Sophomore — Part I

Hey you! When I was coming to college, I thought after my freshman year, I would finish the adjustment period and get accustomed to college life by the time I was a sophomore. However, there are many things I still struggle with as a sophomore! I decided to share with you five things I’m still […]

Living in Quadrangle and by the Loop

Believe it or not, one of my favorite things about being a WashU student is my housing! The dual-degree program has this awesome setup with Quadrangle housing, where some apartments are reserved specifically for dual degree engineering students. Since Quadrangle is owned by WashU, there are housing options even available for students who are not […]

First Year Recap- My Favorite Moments

Hey guys! Looking back on my first year, I thought I’d recap and share my top 3 favorite moments. I hope you enjoy!

My World at WashU Series: Introduction!

My name is Marc. I am a first-year from Chicago, double majoring in African and African-American Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. At WashU. I am the publicity chair for Black Anthology, the secretary for Association of Black Students, the design chair for Pride Alliance, and intern at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, I have written a few articles for StudLife this year!

Advice for Incoming Freshman

Freshman year is a big and exciting change! It’s a time to explore new subjects, develop as an individual, and pursue a campus full of opportunities. Many of these experiences will be in the “learn-as-you-go” category as you embark on your own WashU journey, but here are a few tips to get you started that I wish I had known on the first day of freshman year…

Keep in Touch: Social Distancing Postcards

I think it goes without saying that finishing my senior year from home was not what I had originally expected. Despite this, social distancing hasn’t cancelled my WashU friendships or our opportunities to make memories. In fact, it has heightened my appreciation for my friends and their creativity. We are finding new ways to keep […]

Snowboarding in Missouri?

Living in St. Louis is really fun. There are many things to do, especially when it’s a beautiful day outside. Forest Park has a free Zoo, museums, golf courses, and more. There is also Six Flags, which is located a little over half an hour away. Yes, everything I listed are activities one does in […]

The New Normal

We have all entered some uncharted territory recently as WashU students. I was hiking in my favorite trail in Castlewood and about to head to Meshuggah Cafe for lunch during spring break when I got an email from chancellor Martin. The email informed us that in-person classes would be cancelled for the spring semester and […]

Why WashU?

WashU has been nothing short of a home for me thus far. Even though we’re in a global pandemic right now, I’ve still felt close to my school. I stated in some of my earlier posts that I am a dual-degree engineering student. Quick refresher: the dual-degree engineering program is structured such that a student […]

Weekend Adventures: Maplewood

Home to several craft conscious and character filled businesses, Maplewood is the perfect spot for a Saturday away. A ten minute drive from campus delivers students to mouth-watering wonders with an instinct for the inclusive.

4 years later: Why I Would Still Choose WashU

I remember being at a mixer during freshman year—relishing the joy of being in college at WashU, making new friends, and finding belonging. During a longer conversation I engaged in that evening, I realized the students I was talking to were second semester seniors. They seemed so much older to me at the time, more […]

Riso Workshop

Sam Fox is a host of cool equipment: from letter presses to laser cutters. The good news is that students who are in studios with this equipment are taught how to use it safely and have access to it during lab monitor hours. The better news? Students can also gain access to these unique tools […]

Mostly Homemade: 5 Simple Recipes

Meal preparation has become a go-to method of relaxation and study break. Yes, I look forward to going home in the evening and pulling ingredients from kitchen cupboards and the fridge and then assembling them into delicious meals and decadent desserts. When I lived on the South 40 in a dorm, I made do with […]

BearFIT at the Rec!

In my last post, I talked about how amazing the rec center is here at WashU. It’s so amazing that here I am, writing another post about what it has to offer! I touched a little bit on the two studios at the rec and how they are my favorite spots to go to. However, […]