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Sold Out in Two Minutes

Sold-out in two minutes. After being closed for expansion along the East End, the reopening of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in September was indeed celebratory. The opening exhibition in the new and improved space is Bare Life by the internationally renowned artist—Ai Wei Wei. Before the official opening, there was a soft opening […]

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Hey! My name is Paul and I am WashU 360’s newest team member! Here’s a couple things you should know about me! GO BEARS!

Summer Abroad in Paris! (VIDEO)

So, I finally made a video recapping my summer abroad! In June, I flew to Paris with other Wash U students and professors for a study program in the Anthropology department. It was a summer of art, love, adventures, and wayyy too many crêpes!

Fox in the Field: Inauguration

Fox in the Field is a student led journalism group that was brought together for the Inauguration of the new Chancellor, Andrew Martin. Fox in the Field is composed of art directors, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, designers, and editors. Our purpose was to illuminate the inaugural events from the art and design perspective. Our strategy  was […]

Rush is a Rush

Here is a break down of the rush process as well as a little snippet of my experience in Greek life at WashU!

Inauguration Symposium

It’s inauguration day and, thankfully, for all those attending the outdoor ceremony in the quad, fall is finally here. Gone is the muggy heat and now come the calm breezes of sunny afternoons padded with fluffy clouds. The traffic of the morning is headed towards the Knight Center building as the symposium occurs soon in the Emerson Auditorium.

New Blogger Alert!

Hello readers! As a new blogger, I believe it’s necessary for me to give a basic introduction and a little information about me.

Summer Adventures @WashU: Creating w/ College Prep Scholars

This summer, I had the privilege of working as a Program Assistant for the College Prep Program at WashU.  The College Prep program is an intensive, on-campus learning experience at Washington University for St. Louis area high achieving high school students. College Prep Scholars attend workshops, lectures and campus activities during the summer and academic […]

Nice to Meet You!

Hello! As is the nature of introductions in college, here are some basic facts about myself: my name is Yanny, I’m a first-year student in the College of Arts & Sciences, and I’m from New York City.  I haven’t declared a major yet so I’m excited to explore the myriad of fascinating courses WashU has […]

The Classifications of my Sophomore Year

Hello, my loyal followers! I have missed you all, dearly. I truly apologize for slacking on my blog posts- apparently, the beginning of sophomore year is *very* busy. Here are some titles that would be fitting for my first month of school:  Over-Caffeinated and Low on Meal Points; Was the Bottomless Mug a Mistake? The […]

Italian Dinner Food

Class Highlight: Dinner in Italian

It is Labor Day Monday and all classes are cancelled, except for ours (don’t worry, it is totally worth it). It is time for the cooking portion of our conversational based Italian cooking class. We arrive in the kitchen and settle down in front of the recipes. Soon we assign a cooking conductor and begin […]

Summer Adventures @WashU: East End Tour

Whether you are a visitor or member on campus, you are bound to witness the ongoing construction. I’ve grown accustom to the tarp-lined fences on my way to class. When I left at the end of Spring Semester, construction was still being finalized. But it was completed by my return to campus in June. A […]

Senior Reflection “Last First Day”

I am settled in. Reunited with items and artifacts from the summer storage unit. Reunited with friends and friendly faces I haven’t seen since before embarking on study abroad semester. I crawl into bed, exhausted I am ready for yet another first day. This first night is stormy and I feel cozy wrapped up in […]

Eckert’s: A Hidden Illinois/St. Louis Gem

In which I become an expert fruit-picker.

Here’s to My Second First Day!

Two suitcases that are definitely over the 50lb flying limit, one massive Target order, a few loads of laundry, and one smaller Target order for the items I forgot initially (yes Dad, I need it), and I am officially ready for my sophomore year! Here I come Wash U; put ‘em up for Round 2.  […]

Summer Adventures: Living Off-Campus

In which I step out of my comfort zone — leaving my campus zone.

The Biggest Playground in St. Louis

In which I visit one of 7 (though there are definitely more) Wonders of St. Louis.

St. Louis’ Pride: The Arch

In which I visit the gateway to St. Louis.