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Meet the Professors: A series finale

Professor: Professor Jennifer Hudson
Position: Prison Education Project Manager

I Scream for Ice Cream

Once you realize that you don’t need a special occasion to eat ice cream, the second part of your life begins.

Orange is the New Black: A Buffa-love Story

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo…sauce.

In a Rush

Greek Life. Every movie portraying a typical college campus shows clips of Greek Life. You’re probably thinking about socializing, rush, and philanthropy. But there’s another side of Greek Life that I discovered coming to WashU, professional fraternities and sororities. This was an entirely new concept to me; these groups are especially dedicated to students who […]

Leadership Through Service

TL;DR –> pre-orientations are pretty cool and life-changing and fun and 10/10 would recommend!

Meet the Professors: A Series cont.

Professor: Professor Peter Kastor
Department: History
Position: History Department Chair

A Series of Fortunate Vignettes – Visiting Campus

Nothing brings me more pleasure than reminiscing on that fated summer visit when I decided that Washington University was the school where I wanted to attend.

Freshman Seminars Part 2: Race and Ethnicity in American Television

Part two of my series about freshman seminars, classes about very specific subjects that are kept really small and open only to freshman!

Staying Ahead of the Curve

1. How do you do well on an exam?
A) Not this one.
B) Nope.
C) Read this blog.
D) All/none/two of the above.

Starting A Student Group: How Hard Can It Be?


*I’m sorry. Acrostics are hard.

Freshman Seminars Part 1: Detective Fiction from Poe to Doyle

You may have heard horror stories about first year schedules packed with large, impersonal lecture classes, but some of my best academic experiences occurred during my freshman year. WashU has some amazing freshman seminars, classes about very specific subjects that are kept really small and open only to freshman.

Meet the Professors: A Series

One of my favorite parts of WashU has been the amount of time that I’ve been able to spend talking to professors about coursework, academics, and life. This week I’ll be starting a 3 part installment on professors that I’ve had my freshman year at WashU and their “shining moments.”
Professor: Dr. Dorothy (Dottie) Petersen
Department: Economics
Position: Economics Undergraduate Academic Coordinator

Take a break!

When Fall comes around, students know it’s time for a… Break! Fall break on campus is a great way to finally get a long weekend, two days off just when you need them. Depending on the WashU student, Fall break can look a little different. Some students decide to use this as a chance to […]

These Crabs Rangoon Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity! *not clickbait*

I would bathe in crabs Rangoon.

Fridays, Friends & Food

I love food. I mean, who doesn’t? From savory to sweet, coffees to smoothies, snack foods to desserts, I love it all.

A Series of Fortunate Vignettes – Athletic Dreams and Realizations

The easiest realization I have reached thus far in college is as follows: no NFL teams have demonstrated interest and I will not be leaving college after 3 years to play professional football (I will be sure to check back in after 4).

Mo(u)rning Routines

In this riveting piece, I offer some ways to start your day off right, eliminating as much dread that comes from waking up as possible!

GroupMe, Venmo, and other College App-sentials

A list of mobile apps that make college life a bit easier