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The Economics of Making a Small School Big

They say “you can make a big school small, but you can’t make a small school big”. At Wash U, you can have both. One of the benefits of going to Wash U is that because there are several schools in which you can major, Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Art, there is so much […]

Photo(s) of the Week: 3D Design Installation

I just saw this installation of 3D Design projects in the hallway and thought they were too cool not to share!

LNYF 2018: Year of the Dog

According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year of the dog … which explains why I had a PAWS-itively amazing experience watching LNYF!

The PMaD Lab

I sort of expected it to be a one-season type deal, to keep me busy in the summer. But this semester, I came back to the lab for more. I completed my psychology minor and don’t need the credit anymore, but it is seriously a great time. 

Ice Cream and Equality

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is my new favorite place to eat in St. Louis, and this weekend I ventured to their Central West End location for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day to help support She Should Run, a nonprofit which aims to increase the number of women running for public office.

Spotlight on the Loop: Tivoli Theatre

The Tivoli Theatre is a St. Louis landmark, a diamond on the famous Delmar Loop. It has been a home to entertainment for the St. Louis public since 1924. Just a short walk from campus, the historic theatre is one of my absolute favorite places in St. Louis!

The Studio Story

Anytime of day at Wash U there’s a flurry of student footsteps trekking east and west along the Forsyth sidewalk. On closer inspection, you’ll observe students carrying rolls of paper, portfolios, and oversized backpacks with all sorts of pencils, markers, paintbrushes poking out wherever they can. These are the art students. Where are they headed? […]

Photo(s) of the Week: Whispers Café Renovation

After a year of construction, the beloved Whispers Café has finally reopened! Due to its central location in Olin Library, this is the busiest café on campus by far. It sorely needed more seating and counter space, which it now has! Whispers also now sells Firepot Tea in pitchers for students who want to sit […]

From bartering on the playground to her own exhibit on campus

Alice used to barter with kids on the playground, using her drawings as currency. Now, she’s a senior communication design major and was the first student featured in the DUC’s new gallery space.

What a Rush

January, holiday break has transitioned to a new course schedule and frostbitten cross-campus walks under grey skies. What’s to look forward to? Much! Right now on campus, everyone who did formal sorority recruitment is embarking on a new chapter of the WashU experience. Brunches, lunches, coffees, and dinners. Ice skating and bumper car basketball. This […]

Photo(s) of the Week: STL Women’s March

Saturday morning thousands of St. Louis citizens, and lots of my fellow WashU students, gathered at Union Station for the second annual Women’s March.

The Return

Beginnings are always a mixture of emotions: excitement, curiosity, anticipation, and  a healthy dose of nervousness. This past week was no exception– I am delighted to report that the first week back is wrapping up nicely for me.

Why I Love Writing

Before I could even put words to paper, I was telling stories. My aunt remembers how whenever our families would go to the beach, I would splash around in the waves narrating stories about mermaids and sea creatures. After my brother was born, I had someone to help me act out my stories. I invented […]

Friendly Faces Far and Wide

Great news. By the second year at Wash U, you have made all sorts of new friends. From pre-orientation to freshman foundation classes: your new friends come from here, there, and everywhere. Some come and go as college life shifts, changes and settles. New faces transform into friendly faces you will see everywhere on campus […]

2017’s Best of WashU 360

So many of your questions were answered on WashU 360 in 2017! Take a look at several of our favorite blog posts from the year.

Losing a sister, saving a life

Sara, a December graduate and a strong advocate for organ donation, says, “I came here knowing this is what I wanted to do. WashU gave me the leadership skills and the support I needed to make it happen.”

Winter Finals in the Lou

Here are some fun and relaxing places to let off some steam during winter finals (take it from a native St. Louisan)

WashU Musicianhood: Small Group, Big Music

The difference between playing in a group of 50 versus a group of 3.