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Getting Involved: Extracurriculars at WashU

Extracurriculars can be the most fun and meaningful part of college life. Here’s a little about what I do to get involved.

One Semester Down… Seven to Go!

Now that I have survived my first semester of college (and with meal points to spare!), it seems like I am due for a short reflection on the academic shift from high school to college. There are numerous aspects of college that are drastically different, but I want to focus on arguably the most important part of school: the classes.

My D.C. Adventure

This fall break, instead of going back home like I have for the past couple years, I went with some members of the government and public policy work group along with faculty members Amy Heath-Carpentier and Molly Burkot to D.C. to tour organizations there and meet Wash U alumni in the area. The trip was […]

Internship Stories: Surprise! You’re a Committee Head!

You can’t know everything about an internship from the application, and this was definitely the case with my internship at Summerbridge. The night I arrived in Hong Kong, I got an email saying that I was selected for a leadership position I didn’t even know existed.

Some Friendly Advice

I’ve just finished my first year at WashU, but I can still remember the excitement and trepidation I felt when I was just a couple months away from starting my freshman year. Although I still have a lot to learn myself, I thought that I would share some advice that helped make my first year  […]

Heading to Hong Kong: How I Chose My Internship

It is always so difficult to choose what to do for the summer! Here is how I came to my plan for this summer and how it fits in with my present career goals.

What to Do When You’re Away from WashU

When you’re in St. Louis in the midst of balancing course work and social events, it is easy to forget that summer is coming. Summer during your time as an undergraduate can mean a lot of different things. For some people, the summer months are a time to see family and enjoy the comforts of […]

Registration Tips

This past week, Wash U students went through the semesterly ritual known as registration. Although incoming freshman choose their classes for the fall semester later on in the summer, current students have just registered. If you’re an incoming student worried about choosing college classes for the first time, have no fear. Here are some tips […]

Making Time for Office Hours

Taking advantage of office hours might be the best kept secret of any university, but at WashU we are letting the cat out of the bag!

Modern Issues, Historical Relations – A Day in Japan with GCP

Last year, my class went to Japan over Spring Break as part of my freshman FOCUS program, the Global Citizenship Program. Come along as I look back on the experience!

Major Decision

It’s almost here. In less than a month, the day I worried about all of freshman year will finally arrive: the day I have to declare a major. And yet, now that it’s quickly approaching, I’m no longer worried. In fact, I’ve already started the process to declare my major, International and Area Studies. If […]

How I’m Picking my Major

I’m not majoring in what I thought I was going to freshman year and declarations are due in February, but I’ve got a plan.

Club Featurette: Kendo Club

I came for the kendo, and stayed for the people.
Featuring a swordsmanship sport, the tea ceremony, Japanese culture, and community.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Asking for help in college is more productive and accepted than you might think! Trust me.

Lauryn’s Declassified Midterm Survival Guide

Getting through midterm season is an art. While I haven’t perfected it quite yet, here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

A Guide to Cozy, but Efficient, Studying

Branch out a little bit and I promise studying can be its own kind of adventure!

Speaker Events: How to learn about fascinating topics you might know nothing about

Featuring: Dr. Jonathan D. Pollack from the Brookings Institution speaking on North Korea + my love of lectures

ArtSci Major-Minor Fair

This past week, Wash U held its annual ArtSci Major-Minor fair. The fair is a great opportunity for undecided students in the College of Arts and Sciences to learn more about all the different majors and minors the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer. Representatives from all departments in the ArtSci College were […]