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Debate Weekend, or: My 5 Seconds of Fame

If you’ve turned on the news or been anywhere near St. Louis these past few weeks, you couldn’t have missed the anticipation in the air. Debate weekend was a blur of excitement for nearly everyone. In the few days leading up to Sunday, news crews from all around the US crowded onto campus to set […]

An Economics Department Talk

Tonight, I went to a talk put on by the Economics department. Coming in a few minutes early, I had a feeling of coming full circle as I talked to one of my former teachers, Dorothy Petersen (Dottie, if you’re reading this, you rock!). Her Introduction to Macroeconomics class was the first economics course I […]

A Former CIA Director’s Talk

I don’t go to as many public talks on campus as I should, but I couldn’t resist hearing from Jack Devine, who spoke tonight as part of the Assembly Series. The retired acting director of the CIA gave a lecture titled “The Importance and Ethics of National Intelligence,” and it was fascinating. You can read more […]

The Reddit Co-Founder Comes to Campus

Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of Reddit, bestows his wisdom and knowledge on the WUSTL community.

Student Spotlight: David

Name: David Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Year: Freshman Major: Possibly biochem. I’m pre-med, and I know I want to study science, but I’m not sure which one. Possibly a biophysics minor. Dorm: Elliot A What’s the best thing about the dorm you live in? I get along really well with my floormates. We have floor dinners, we’ve been […]

Student Spotlight: Cameron

Name: Cameron Hometown: Rye, NY Year: Freshman Major: Undecided, but most likely Anthropology with a concentration in Global Health and the Environment. Dorm: Dardick! What’s the best thing about the dorm you live in? Definitely having a bathroom that I share with my suitemates. It’s so nice not having to walk down the hallway to […]

Student Spotlight: Roommate Edition! (Part 1)

Me with my two roommates (: From left to right: Dera, Loren, Madison Name: Loren Hometown: Milwaukee, WI Year: Freshman Major: Undecided (thinking about Anthropology & American Culture Studies) Dorm: Dardick What’s the best thing about the dorm you live in? Dardick is right on Shepley Drive, so you can get things delivered right to […]

Student Spotlights Coming Soon!

Hey everybody. I’ll be interviewing some of my friends about their college experiences and posting their responses here so you can have even more insight on WashU. You might even get to see pictures of their dorm rooms! Check back often for new updates.