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My Love for the Humanities Lives On

When I tell people that I’m an English and Political Science major, they mostly assume that my ultimate goal is to become a teacher. While I wouldn’t mind becoming a professor at some point, I want to be able to be in the workforce beforehand, and although I haven’t decided what exactly I want to […]

What to Do When You’re Away from WashU

When you’re in St. Louis in the midst of balancing course work and social events, it is easy to forget that summer is coming. Summer during your time as an undergraduate can mean a lot of different things. For some people, the summer months are a time to see family and enjoy the comforts of […]

Modern Issues, Historical Relations – A Day in Japan with GCP

Last year, my class went to Japan over Spring Break as part of my freshman FOCUS program, the Global Citizenship Program. Come along as I look back on the experience!

The Meaning of ‘Family’

Even when your homesickness is at its peak, WashU will be there.

A Guide to Cozy, but Efficient, Studying

Branch out a little bit and I promise studying can be its own kind of adventure!

Community time! The St. Louis Festival of Nations

A little about my experience volunteering at the St. Louis Festival of Nations, an awesome multicultural celebration near Wash U. Stay tuned for Cultural Festivals part II— the Japanese Festival!

Photo Journal

As my last year at WashU comes to a close, I have pulled together a series of memorable photographs. Without further ado…

Respites on Campus

When I was abroad, I never expected to find spiritual and calming places. At first, I had trouble differentiating between the plethora of churches in Italy. All of the frescoes started to look the same. I became frustrated. As architecture major, I should have been able to tell and appreciate the difference.

Social Media Detox

A couple weeks ago, I found myself checking my phone more than usual. Maybe I was homesick, and texting my friends and family seemed like a proactive way to cure loneliness. Yet, the increase in my technological habits yielded an ever-growing awareness that I was socializing with a screen. While my eyes were perpetually plastered to an artificially lit display, I was depriving myself of tactile human connection.

Photo of the Week: Post-Election Open Discussion

Last night, around 150 students gathered together in Brookings quad for a Post-Election Open Discussion. The event was organized by two students and a professor who wanted to create a forum for all students to express their thoughts about the recent election in a safe, open-minded environment. It was really great to see how the community here fosters support and free speech, and I’m really happy I could attend.

Diwali Dancer Spotlight: Kriti Prasad

Because I am abroad, I did not have the chance to see this year’s Diwali performance. I have always been interested in the different cultural and creative groups that Wash U has to offer, so of course, I was disappointed that I could not attend. I turned to my good friend, Kriti Prasad, so I could gain knowledge about the celebration even from miles away. Below, please find my interview with her.

Art School vs Everyone Else

“Oh, cool!” is what most other students say when I tell them I’m an art student.

Real Talk: Internships and Resumes

Now that I’m in my final year at school, resumes and job applications are a very salient worry for me. The last thing I want to do is graduate from WashU and then immediately find myself in my parents’ house again with no career prospects. It’s especially nerve racking when I hear that my friends […]

Summer Trips and Productivity

Every September, I always think about how summer felt so long and so short at the same time. In a twist, I had an internship the summer after my freshman year, but I did not have one this summer. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t make the most out of my time at home.

Open Letter to my Freshman Floor

Your freshman floor is such a special community. Everyone is in the same boat—you’re all new, knowing no one, understanding little to nothing about college, and most excitingly, all living together. Even two years later, I still reminisce about my days living in that modern double in Danforth. The geniuses who create the housing assignments brought me my best friends and the best first year experience anyone could imagine.

Elliott Crosland, Who is He?

Hey! I’m Elliott Crosland, a Junior from Charleston South Carolina, studying Psychology and English. That’s who I am, you can take the blue pill and the story ends. This is all you know about me and we go on with our lives, or you can take the red pill, you stay on the blog, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Hey, Art Students! We Can Sell Our Art

This past weekend, I attended an art licensing and textile design show called SURTEX in New York City. It so happens that my illustration professor, Linda Solovic, had some of her work exhibited alongside the other artists. As I walked the massive floor at the Javitz Center, I immediately recognized Linda’s designs with their playful and animated style. It was exciting to see her projects in a professional setting outside of the classroom.

Interactive Chalkboards

This past semester, I enrolled in a class called “Design for Social Innovation.” Taught through The Sam Fox School of Art & Design, the course culminates in a month-long, open-ended project of the student’s choice. After learning about the connection between design and social change during the first half of the semester, I began brainstorming for my project.