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Taking the Metro: Best stops for the best sights

I’ve had an amazing time traveling around the city using the Metro, which is free for WashU students. I loved getting to see the city that way! Here are some of my favorite spots in St. Louis that fall right on the Metro line.

Fun during Finals! Reading Week Events

The Campus Life office offers great ways to do that through it’s Reading Week events in the Danforth University Center (DUC)! A huge fan of this programming myself, I made sure to attend every one. 

First snow of the season at WashU!

I am constantly reminded of how beautiful this campus is, and never is it more picturesque than after that first snowfall, when the old buildings stand atop a glistening white carpet.

Nice to Meet You!

It’s nice to meet you! My name is Allana Thompson. I am a current sophomore at Wash U pursuing Animation through a Studio Art/Communication Design major and a minor in Korean Language and Culture!

A Day In My Life: An Average Friday

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Wash U student might be? This is what an average Friday for me might look like, including classes, office hours, the French table, and just chilling.

A Change of Pace: Moving from One Side of Campus to the Other

Although the South 40 is fantastic, WashU Residential Life features even more options for housing. Introducing…the Village!

How I’m Picking my Major

I’m not majoring in what I thought I was going to freshman year and declarations are due in February, but I’ve got a plan.

Club Featurette: Kendo Club

I came for the kendo, and stayed for the people.
Featuring a swordsmanship sport, the tea ceremony, Japanese culture, and community.

A Day in the Life

A look at a sophomore student’s 9 to 5…more or less!

Sophomore at Softball

Walking onto the field for the first practice as a sophomore felt drastically different than it had one year earlier as a freshman, and I’m so glad I stuck with it.

The Activities Fair: A veritable buffet of fun!

It’s the second week of school, you have barley dipped your toe in the water and the options are already a mile wide and two miles deep, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

Interactive Chalkboards

This past semester, I enrolled in a class called “Design for Social Innovation.” Taught through The Sam Fox School of Art & Design, the course culminates in a month-long, open-ended project of the student’s choice. After learning about the connection between design and social change during the first half of the semester, I began brainstorming for my project.

Thanksgiving Break at Wash U

Hi everyone! While most students probably spent Thanksgiving Break with their families, I spent mine here at Washington University. Now this probably sounds a bit shocking considering how much I love food, but I do have my reasons.

Surviving Midterms with Friends

One of the most stressful periods at Wash U is the month of midterms. When I say month, I mean it—classes usually have midterm exams between the first and last week of October. I am proud to be announce that I am *officially* done with my midterm exams. Although exams are pretty annoying to study for, there are always other methods to cope with the stress. I tend to rely on the company of my friends in the midst of this period of nonstop cramming/studying.

Dorm Tour

One of the things I enjoy the most about my dorm this year is that it is in the Village House. The Village House provides housing for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In the building, there are three eating areas: the Village Café, the Millbrook Market, and the Village Coffee Connection. On the main floor, there is a post office, game room, ATM, lobby, etc. Downstairs, there is a computer lab, laundry room, music practice rooms, and other fun rooms to hangout!

Sophomore or Freshman?

Hi guys! So after stumbling through the first Monday and Tuesday of my sophomore year, I’ve noticed quite a few similarities between this school year and last year. Even though now I get to label myself as a “sophomore,” I still feel like I am pretty new to the Wash U campus. Being a freshman last year was easy because I had an excuse to be confused and lost. I remember walking around with a map and trying to find Cupples I and Cupples II (hint: Cupples II is CLOSER to Olin Library than Cupples I, which took me quite a while to remember). Now that I am a sophomore, I can no longer walk up to a random stranger and ask where a building is located without feeling embarrassed. And trust me, I had to embarrassingly ask a few friends (mostly student tour guides) for help.

Hi there! My name’s Zack!

I’m a rising Junior from Milwaukee, WI. I’m majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP, for short) and minoring in Drama. This summer I get the privilege of working as an undergraduate intern in the Admissions Office at WashU. I’m really excited to write for the WashU 360 blog and hope to share a little bit more about myself and my summer experience here!

Holi festival celebrations, Batman!

Celebration weekend is the best weekend!