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Modern Issues, Historical Relations – A Day in Japan with GCP

Last year, my class went to Japan over Spring Break as part of my freshman FOCUS program, the Global Citizenship Program. Come along as I look back on the experience!

Club Featurette: Kendo Club

I came for the kendo, and stayed for the people.
Featuring a swordsmanship sport, the tea ceremony, Japanese culture, and community.

Photo Journal

As my last year at WashU comes to a close, I have pulled together a series of memorable photographs. Without further ado…

A Day In The Life

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while now. My days at WashU are always jam-packed with activities, but it rarely feels too overwhelming. Instead, my full schedule keeps me moving, and allows me to feel continuously productive. Each day is unique, as my class schedule differs. This past Monday was particularly eventful though, so I’d like to take you through it.

Respites on Campus

When I was abroad, I never expected to find spiritual and calming places. At first, I had trouble differentiating between the plethora of churches in Italy. All of the frescoes started to look the same. I became frustrated. As architecture major, I should have been able to tell and appreciate the difference.

Social Media Detox

A couple weeks ago, I found myself checking my phone more than usual. Maybe I was homesick, and texting my friends and family seemed like a proactive way to cure loneliness. Yet, the increase in my technological habits yielded an ever-growing awareness that I was socializing with a screen. While my eyes were perpetually plastered to an artificially lit display, I was depriving myself of tactile human connection.

Update from Florence, Italy

I am currently studying abroad with Sam Fox’s College of Architecture here in Florence, Italy. After living in Florence for about a month now, I am eager to share my thoughts on living abroad. I cannot think of a better place to explore the arts. Florence has quickly become my home, welcoming me into its cobblestone maze and feeding me with outrageous food. I am lucky to be here.

Interactive Chalkboards

This past semester, I enrolled in a class called “Design for Social Innovation.” Taught through The Sam Fox School of Art & Design, the course culminates in a month-long, open-ended project of the student’s choice. After learning about the connection between design and social change during the first half of the semester, I began brainstorming for my project.

Prague Updates: Shout out to all students going through exams

So the final days of the program have finally come. The final project is in the last stretch and right now I’m just whiling away the days trying to find suitable pass times for myself. I’m sure it’s different back at WashU. This is about the time when things really start to crack down and […]

Prague Updates: Day Trip to the Terezin

So this weekend has been a relaxing one. After the crazy time we had in Berlin – which was insanely fun but also extremely busy – it was nice to stay in Prague for a couple of days and really absorb my city. Getting back here, I had the strange feeling that I wasn’t giving […]

Senior Advice, or 9 Things I’m Glad I Did at WashU

Well, as Drake would say, We Made It. Here I am, at the beginning of my eighth semester, only twelve weeks from graduation. Its been an awesome time, and I’m sad to go. Before I do, I hope to pass on things I’ve learned and enjoyed about my time at WashU so that young WashU […]

Moment of Zen 3/29

I have decided that, modeled after the Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show clip at the end of his show, I will begin a Friday afternoon post called “Moment of Zen”. The aim is to get you to think and keep you, as readers, on your toes. So here’s this week’s “Moment of Zen”: The other […]