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Frequently Asked Questions About My Summer Internship

Wondering what I’m doing in Saint Louis for the summer? Here I answer the most frequent questions about my summer internship at Sparo Labs.

Hi there! My name’s Zack!

I’m a rising Junior from Milwaukee, WI. I’m majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP, for short) and minoring in Drama. This summer I get the privilege of working as an undergraduate intern in the Admissions Office at WashU. I’m really excited to write for the WashU 360 blog and hope to share a little bit more about myself and my summer experience here!

Career advisors ready to meet early and often

When Mackenzie Findlay decided as a freshman that she wanted an on-campus mentor, she ventured into the Career Center. Not because she was actively searching for a job or internship – not yet – but because she wanted to start the conversation. Now a senior, she has seen those relationships pay off in a big way. She got her mentor (two, actually), she’s had some pretty spectacular internship experiences, and she is looking forward to great opportunities for her first job after college.

How I Landed My Dream Internship

So here’s the thing about my experience at WashU: nothing bad has ever happened to me that wasn’t okay in the end. The point of my last post wasn’t to complain about not getting an internship at Microsoft; it was to show that disappointments in college happen, but you can still learn from them. The point of […]

How I Got Rejected From My Dream Internship

The rejection came in the middle of November. Before that, I had given my resume to a Microsoft recruiter at the fall career fair. She contacted me a few days later and offered me a phone interview for a summer intern position, which I accepted. Next, I was flown out to their headquarters in Redmond, WA for a day of […]

My First Summer on My Own

I spent a summer interning and living on my own in the middle of Illinois.