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Comfort Meals

Before coming to Wash U, I wondered about whether I would get tired of eating cafeteria food all the time. After all, even the best cafeteria food gets old after you’ve eaten it for a while.  For my first few weeks at Wash U, although I enjoyed the food, I couldn’t help wanting some variety. […]

Community time! The St. Louis Festival of Nations

A little about my experience volunteering at the St. Louis Festival of Nations, an awesome multicultural celebration near Wash U. Stay tuned for Cultural Festivals part II— the Japanese Festival!

Always make time for bananas

Hi everyone! If I had to describe myself as a foodie in two words, I would pick colorful and bananas. I am still trying to figure out which one describes me better. Is “colorfulananas” a word? 😛

5 STL Staples on the Loop that I’m Currently Obsessed with

Because Food & Coffee is Life

Did someone say coffee shop?

One of my favorite things about St. Louis is how often I find “hidden gems,” or under the radar, amazing places. Last Thursday I decided that I needed an after-work coffee, and found myself at RISE Coffeehouse in the Grove based on a friend’s recommendation. Little did I know that I was in for an absolute treat.

Food Truck Friday, the Most Magical Place on Earth

So for those of you who aren’t from the St. Louis area, you’d probably be surprised to hear that St. Louis has the second highest number of free cultural events throughout the year, after Washington D.C. Therefore, it’s a great place to live and an awesome place to be a student, too. One of these […]

40 things to love about the (South) 40

What’s so great about this place we call the South 40 – the area where all first-year students and many sophomores call home? We asked Jordan, Eddy, Pegah, Tess, Dan, Aline, Katie, Nate, Sue Yeon, Madeline, Ian, and too many other students to name and compiled this list of 40 things they love about the 40. What do you think your favorite part will be?

Food Hacks on Campus

A bunch of my friends are studying abroad in Europe right now, and I see their Snapchat stories of dripping gelato cones, mouthwatering pasta plates, and rows of decadent sweets. Although I admit I am jealous, it only makes me more determined to eat the best food here at WashU. Our food, as it happens, is rated #1 out of all the colleges in America.

Food, food, and more food!

Hey everyone! If I was stuck on a deserted island and had to take something with me, I would definitely pick Wash U’s food as one of them. Being back at school for the past two weeks has truly reminded me of how much I miss stuffing my stomach with deliciously (and mostly healthy) food throughout the day.

Why Are Bear Bucks Useful?

Hi everyone!
One very handy-dandy thing that Wash U has is Bear Bucks. Bear Bucks is a cashless system on your WashU ID, and you can swipe your ID to make purchases with Bear Bucks both on and off campus. Some stores even give Wash U students a discount when they use Bear Bucks instead of a credit/debit card, and Wash U also gets a small percentage of sales associated with Bear Bucks to cover administrative costs for the system.

#WashU19: The top 10 things to look forward to at WashU

There is so much to look forward to in the fall! Here’s a sneak peek at what freshmen should expect.

Cherry Tree Café

In BD (Bear’s Den), there are so many options for food! My favorite place to get desserts is Cherry Tree. In Cherry Tree, you can get so many kinds of food, from small bakeries to crepes late at night (p.s., if you haven’t read my crepes post yet, check it out here: https://360.wustl.edu/2015/04/lets-eat-crepes/). There are also a breakfast bar for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, comfort meals for dinner, and multiple drink options (like chai latte’s!).

Let’s eat crepes! =)

Every Sunday-Thursday evening from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 A.M., you can get delicious crepes from Cherry Tree Café in Bear’s Den. These crepes are definitely worth the 5 meal points. In fact, if you walk past BD around crepes time, you can see the long line of people waiting to get their late night treat.

It’s Not Delivery. It’s DIY Food.

Meal time was simple when I lived on the South 40 and had a dining hall. Now that I live in an apartment, I cook my own food. Here, I share 3 easy recipes.

Salt and Smoke

[Spoiler alert: Salt and Smoke is the name of a restaurant, not some new recreational activity that all the WUSTL students are doing these days. ] In case I wasn’t spoiled enough, things in St. Louis just got even better. Tonight, after weeks and weeks of anticipation, I finally made it out to Salt and […]

Ibby’s restaurant featured in Sauce Magazine

“Nestled inside the Danforth University Center, in the heart of Washington University’s campus, is a small restaurant called Ibby’s.”

Follow Varsha’s food diaries

Varsha, a sophomore Admissions blogger, provides a look into the St. Louis food culture.

50 delicious dishes — all $10 or less

From dim sum, chicken tandoori, and mufulettas to charcuteries, taco stands, and barbecue, St. Louis has something for everyone.