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A Day In My Life: An Average Friday

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Wash U student might be? This is what an average Friday for me might look like, including classes, office hours, the French table, and just chilling.

Modern Issues, Historical Relations – A Day in Japan with GCP

Last year, my class went to Japan over Spring Break as part of my freshman FOCUS program, the Global Citizenship Program. Come along as I look back on the experience!

Stepping Out of My Subject-Comfort Zone

How I thought that I’d never take a science or math course in my life again after high school … and how college has proven me wrong once more.

How I’m Picking my Major

I’m not majoring in what I thought I was going to freshman year and declarations are due in February, but I’ve got a plan.

New Year, New Classes!

Winter break is officially over, and the new semester is in full swing!

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Asking for help in college is more productive and accepted than you might think! Trust me.

A Guide to Cozy, but Efficient, Studying

Branch out a little bit and I promise studying can be its own kind of adventure!

A Day in the Life

A look at a sophomore student’s 9 to 5…more or less!

Ending on a High Note

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’m done with junior year and technically a senior now. I’ve been super busy this past week packing and flying back home, but I thought I’d squeeze out one last post about what I’ve learned this year.

Retail Management: The Guest Lectures

One of the coolest things about classes in the Olin Business School is that there will typically be a few guest lecturers throughout the semester. Here’s a sampling of guests who visited my Retail Management class!

A Day In The Life

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while now. My days at WashU are always jam-packed with activities, but it rarely feels too overwhelming. Instead, my full schedule keeps me moving, and allows me to feel continuously productive. Each day is unique, as my class schedule differs. This past Monday was particularly eventful though, so I’d like to take you through it.

Respites on Campus

When I was abroad, I never expected to find spiritual and calming places. At first, I had trouble differentiating between the plethora of churches in Italy. All of the frescoes started to look the same. I became frustrated. As architecture major, I should have been able to tell and appreciate the difference.

Everything is Fine

In just a few weeks, the inevitable is coming: finals. And if there’s one thing everyone associates with finals, it’s stress.

Art School vs Everyone Else

“Oh, cool!” is what most other students say when I tell them I’m an art student.

Elliott Crosland, Who is He?

Hey! I’m Elliott Crosland, a Junior from Charleston South Carolina, studying Psychology and English. That’s who I am, you can take the blue pill and the story ends. This is all you know about me and we go on with our lives, or you can take the red pill, you stay on the blog, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Hey, Art Students! We Can Sell Our Art

This past weekend, I attended an art licensing and textile design show called SURTEX in New York City. It so happens that my illustration professor, Linda Solovic, had some of her work exhibited alongside the other artists. As I walked the massive floor at the Javitz Center, I immediately recognized Linda’s designs with their playful and animated style. It was exciting to see her projects in a professional setting outside of the classroom.

Prague Updates: Shout out to all students going through exams

So the final days of the program have finally come. The final project is in the last stretch and right now I’m just whiling away the days trying to find suitable pass times for myself. I’m sure it’s different back at WashU. This is about the time when things really start to crack down and […]

Typographic Woes

Hey guys! Even though I’m an art student, I realize that I’ve talked about many things except my art classes! So I thought I’d spent this post describing one of my classes in particular: typography.