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Career Camp 2015

The Career Center (http://careercenter.wustl.edu/) puts on a two-day camp right before school begins called “Career Camp.” This year, the camp was open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students moved in five days before school began and attended selected sessions on Thursday and Friday. It sounded pretty awesome—five extra days to settle in my dorm room, meeting up with friends earlier, and learning about ways to better prepare for my future.

Being a Real Person 101

As this summer has gone on, it’s begun to dawn on me that I only have one year left as an undergraduate student at WashU. In less than a year, I have to have a job or enroll in graduate school. I have to be a real, living, breathing adult with responsibilities like feeding myself and not burning down my apartment. Anyone who knows me knows that this is going to be a long, uphill battle. I’m still in the “stay-in-my-pajamas-all-day-and-eat-cereal-out-of-the-box-to-try-and-find-the-toy” phase of my life. But here are some things I’ve learned on my quest for adulthood.

An internship of a lifetime

Rising senior Priyanka Reddy has been experiencing the fast-paced lifestyle of a New York City fashion designer this summer. She credits a WashU Career Center counselor with helping her land this internship at Derek Lam, which she said is crucial to her future career. Here’s her story…

Frequently Asked Questions About My Summer Internship

Wondering what I’m doing in Saint Louis for the summer? Here I answer the most frequent questions about my summer internship at Sparo Labs.

I have a job (and you can too)!

Trying to get a job is hard. Depending on what sort of job you are applying for you may need to acquire a business suit, dress shoes, a pad folio, a briefcase, and even the ability to take time off school to do on-site interviews! The application process is taxing and far from over for […]

Career advisors ready to meet early and often

When Mackenzie Findlay decided as a freshman that she wanted an on-campus mentor, she ventured into the Career Center. Not because she was actively searching for a job or internship – not yet – but because she wanted to start the conversation. Now a senior, she has seen those relationships pay off in a big way. She got her mentor (two, actually), she’s had some pretty spectacular internship experiences, and she is looking forward to great opportunities for her first job after college.

What will YOU make possible?

With an open and inquisitive mind, a collaborative approach, and a strong technical foundation, anything is possible. Graduates of the Washington University ask questions and find solutions, making a lasting impact on their community and the world.

An Economics Department Talk

Tonight, I went to a talk put on by the Economics department. Coming in a few minutes early, I had a feeling of coming full circle as I talked to one of my former teachers, Dorothy Petersen (Dottie, if you’re reading this, you rock!). Her Introduction to Macroeconomics class was the first economics course I […]

Two teams share $25,000 Discovery Competition top prize

A project to provide low-cost eyeglasses for people in the developing world and one to develop a cell-death detector will share $25,000 to further develop their projects as winners of the 2014 Discovery Competition.

WUSTL team wins People’s Choice Award at 2014 Rube Goldberg

The Green Machine designed by WUSTL undergraduates won the People’s Choice, second place and Best Single Step awards at the 2014 Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.

Undercover alum

Sky Zone CEO and WUSTL alum Jeff Platt dons a hipster disguise in the season finale of the popular CBS series Undercover Boss.

Engineering skills in a health-care world

Alice Ndikumana, BSBME ’11, credits her engineering background with helping her navigate the complicated issues surrounding health-care reform policy.

Students win top prize in GlobalHack competition

Seven current and former WUSTL students, collectively known as “The Force,” took home the top prize of $50,000 during the GlobalHack event.

Chasing the Cup

Epi Squared, a student-team finalist in the Olin Cup business plan competition, is developing a device to ease epileptic seizures.

The Reddit Co-Founder Comes to Campus

Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of Reddit, bestows his wisdom and knowledge on the WUSTL community.

WUSTL bucks global trend in female entrepreneurship

More than 40 percent of successful companies started by recent graduates through Washington University’s business entrepreneurship courses have been founded by women.

My First Summer on My Own

I spent a summer interning and living on my own in the middle of Illinois.

Growing a business

While at Washington University, four young entrepreneurs planted a seed and grew a concept. They are now harvesting customers for their new startup, Farmplicity.