Always make time for bananas

Hi everyone! If I had to describe myself as a foodie in two words, I would pick colorful and bananas. I am still trying to figure out which one describes me better. Is “colorfulananas” a word? 😛

New Study Spot: Law Library

Hey everyone! Have you ever been inside the law library yet? If not, it is the place to be when you need to actually concentrate and finish an assignment.

Interested in Research?

One thing that I recommend for everyone is doing some research in college. No, not research papers or anything that you may not want to do! When I say research, I am talking about all stages of research. From gathering data to proofreading articles—these are all steps of research. Wash U, as you may already know, has a strong emphasis on research. Whether you are a science major or an International Studies major like me, there is always some research project for you! Below, I discuss two research opportunities that I have had so far on campus.

Pics of David!

Hi everyone! Earlier this month, I interviewed my friend, David, who studied abroad in Spain last semester. Today, I would like to share with you more pictures of him on this incredible journey. As the saying goes, a pictures is worth a thousand words! Now, how about 16 pictures of David?

Back to Wash U (Part 2)

Hey guys! So last week, I interviewed my friend Kate again on her study abroad experience. This week, I decided to follow-up with another one of my friends, David, on his trip. David also studied abroad in Spain during the spring semester. He went there as a junior and took business courses in Madrid. Some friends and I actually just celebrated his birthday a few days ago! David is one of the most outgoing, goofiest, and dorkiest friends that I have. So of course, I took this as the perfect opportunity to check up with him on his journey!

Back to Wash U

Last semester, I interviewed two of my good friends, Kate and David, who both studied abroad in Spain during the spring semester. Kate is one of my roommates this year—and I decided to interview again to follow-up on her experience. Now that she is back on campus, it is interesting to see how exactly studying abroad has changed her as a person as well as what her experiences have taught her.

ED is EZ!

Hi everyone! This time four years ago, I was busy preparing for the dreadful process of applying to colleges. I remember taking my first ACT test during the fall of my high school junior year. Later on, I applied for a summer program at Washington University. When senior year came around, I applied Early Decision and received my acceptance letter from Washington University! While this entire process sounds smooth and simple, I promise you that I was anxious, nervous, scared, and even overwhelmed the entire time. Well, at least until I knew for sure that I was going to college. 😛

First Apartment

Let me be honest: moving into an apartment for the first time is SCARY. When I first made my packing list back in summer, I remember listing out everything I could potentially use, including items such as toothpicks and bubble wraps. My packing list ended up being over 5 pages long, which did not help calm my nerves before the big move-in day. I ended up making three car trips in order to move everything into my room.

Summer is the time for…research!

Hi everyone! I would like to share a bit more about my summer experience. This summer, I had an internship here in Chesterfield, Missouri. I was a Research and Resource Development Intern at an international, nonprofit organization called Junior Chamber International. Overall, I can definitely say that I have learned a lot from this internship and that it has solidified my interest in my studies even more.

My Incredible Sophomore Year

Coming into sophomore year, I had no idea what my year would look like. Freshman year was such a blast—new friends, new city, new lifestyle. Sophomore year, however, was more of exploring all of these already established memories on a deeper level. To me, sophomore year is basically a cooler version of freshman year, but with more familiarity and comfort along with the excitement and fun!

WU Shall Not Pops

Last Saturday, I performed in yet another WU Pops Orchestra concert. This year, the concert title was “WU Shall Not Pops” and the theme color was purple. My favorite thing about this concert is that my friends and family attended, even though it was the Saturday before finals week. The most memorable moment of the night, other than performing, was grabbing Insomnia Cookies right after 1.5 hours of playing! ☺

Bubbles and Boxed Water

How wild was your WILD? :p Last night, I went to my 4th WILD. The Social Programming Board brings in a famous artist once every semester for a huge concert, and this year SPB brought All American Rejects!

WUStock, Melting Pot, SoK, and Thurtene

Hey guys! It’s finally April. These past few weeks, the weather on campus has been amazing. Yesterday afternoon, the temperature got up to around 80 degrees Celsius! 🙂 My April so far has been full of extremely fun events.

Interview with an Abroadee (Part 2)

Last week, I interviewed my friend, Kate, about her experiences while studying abroad in Spain this semester. Another friend of mine, David, a Wash U junior who is in the business school, is also in Madrid this semester. I decided to ask him the exact same questions and also asked for a couple pictures. If you don’t know David, he’s one of the goofiest guys I know. You can definitely get that happy vibe from him in the pictures! 😛

Interview with an Abroadee (Part 1)

Hi everyone! My best friend (and roomie), Kate, is a Wash U sophomore who is currently studying abroad in Spain this semester. She is an International and Areas Studies major (just like me!) who has a second major in Accounting and a minor in Spanish. Over these past few weeks, I have been getting so many Snapchats of her abroad experience. These pictures range from beautiful landmarks to delicious foods.

Saving Time and Some March Updates

Hi everyone! Today is the last day of March, this means it is almost time for *drum roll* the busiest time of the semester. April, in the eyes of a college student, means the month of endless assignments. This is because ALL of our performances, final projects, term papers, and final tests and quizzes happen in April. For some reason, professors tend to think that having our final assignments due in April is better, since this means less work for finals week. HOWEVER, I feel like both April and May are equally intense and stressful. My solution to all of this? Save time!

Flowers and Squirrels

Hi everyone! As the weather in St. Louis gets warmer each day, many hidden beauties in Wash U also become more noticeable. Even though students are all super busy with homework and exams, there are always days when we can simply stop thinking about that one awful assignment to look around campus and enjoy the scenery. 🙂

2016 Chancellor’s Concert

Hi everyone! One of the biggest music events each year is the annual Chancellor’s Concert, a performance with both the Wash U Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir. It is one thing to perform with the orchestra, but a completely different experience to do the same with the choir as well. Such a grand performance definitely made my Friday evening much more enjoyable.