LNYF 2018: Year of the Dog

According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year of the dog … which explains why I had a PAWS-itively amazing experience watching LNYF!

Stepping Out of My Subject-Comfort Zone

How I thought that I’d never take a science or math course in my life again after high school … and how college has proven me wrong once more.

WashU Musicianhood: Small Group, Big Music

The difference between playing in a group of 50 versus a group of 3.

How PL4Y SL4YED Friday Night

As a Korean-American, there are many parts of my heritage that I take pride in, and one of them is — big surprise — the music. Nowadays, K-POP is becoming a global phenomenon, and I no longer have to struggle to find another person who finds it as appealing as I do. One major aspect […]

A Page from Last Spring Semester

In which the freshman seminar I’d chosen on a whim became my favorite class of the semester.

WashU Musicianhood: A Musical Halloween

How my Halloween spirit was displayed only through my violin.

10/10 Experience at TSO 10/10

In which I narrowly avoided a very imminent food coma.

A Mid-Midterm Break

How I recharged after midterms this semester …

WashU Musicianhood: The Beginning (a.k.a. oh, no – Auditions)

Because classical music is NOT “just for old people.”

Hey, nice to meet you. I’m …

Just a few things about a sophomore who’s still figuring out her life.