Eckert’s: A Hidden Illinois/St. Louis Gem

In which I become an expert fruit-picker.

Summer Adventures: Living Off-Campus

In which I step out of my comfort zone — leaving my campus zone.

The Biggest Playground in St. Louis

In which I visit one of 7 (though there are definitely more) Wonders of St. Louis.

St. Louis’ Pride: The Arch

In which I visit the gateway to St. Louis.

Summer Adventures: Camp Windermere

In which I obtain another great encounter with nature

Summer Adventures: Rock ‘n Roll

In which I enjoy some of the best nature Missouri has to offer.

Living On-Campus

In which I reflect on living in a campus ranked with the best dorms in the nation…

WashU Musicianhood: Chamber Masterclass

In which I partake in my first masterclass at college.

Spirit of Korea 2019: Auditions (Pt. 1)

In which we come full circle, and I learn a little more about myself.

Surviving Pre-Finals

In which I survive the hardest week of my WashU career.

The Greatest Showcase

In which we come full circle: from goal to success!

The Great St. Louis Outdoors

Another couple hours on the road … another weekend away from campus!

A Trip Away From Campus

In which I get to appreciate NATURE-nature.

PL4Y Showcase: A Year Later

In which I take my fascination and turn it into action.

Life as an Upperclassman

In which I ascend the non-hierarchical food chain.

Spirit of Korea 2018

In which I finally get to do the one thing that had been missing from this semester: perform!

I Change My Mind!

I’ve changed my mind countless times about countless things after coming to WashU. Huh, I might go pre-med. Hmm, I might major in English. Well, I might minor in Music. How about I eat Subway today?  But, most recently, it was “I’m going to study abroad.” I made the decision to study abroad in the fall […]

A Semester of Growth: A New Passion?

In which I swallow my fears and make one of the greatest accidental-decisions in my life.