Farewell! (kinda……jk not really)

Hey everyone! The summer is nearly over and I’ve so enjoyed sharing my student/intern experience through the interwebs with you all, and I hope you’ve equally enjoyed reading it all . I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most about being an intern in Admissions this summer has been sharing my school and my experience with […]

Foundations of Campus: a Rich History and Beautiful Future

One of the greatest appeals of Washington University, aside from the prestigious academics and legacy of excellence, is the campus itself. The beautiful grounds sprawling out to the west, flowers in full bloom, and sunshine dappling the green grass through grand oaks, flowing gingkoes, and delicate cherry trees, which all melt into splendid sepia in […]

Beyond Brookings: Adventures and Bunnies

Beyond the academics and the prestige, one of WashU’s biggest selling points is its location in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the country, and we, as students, are encouraged to engage with the city during our time at the university. Our campus is amazing, but St. Louis has so many sights […]

Dorm Hopping: An Unexpected Journey

We had contemplated dorm hopping before, but our plans had never come to fruition.
That is, until one fateful and misty night in March. I don’t know what we were expecting, but what we found that night left us awestruck. It all began with one crucial and pivotal question: Anybody wanna go dorm hopping?

Exploring WashU: ‘A Study in Basements’

Do you ever have those days where you have nothing planned but you really feel like you should do something other than laying on your bed with your hand stuck in a bag of Cheetos bingeing a Scandal on Netflix?

I have.

Intro to Theo, yo

Hey all! I’m Theo, a rising sophomore chemical engineering major. I’m an intern in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions this summer, and one of my jobs is to blog here about anything and everything WashU/St. Louis. Coming off of my first year here, I’m super excited to share my adventures and experiences as a college […]