What’s for lunch today?

Raspberry cream is sweet

Quiche tastes rich and fluffy

Today’s lunch is such a treat

Waltz of spring flavors in a chew.

Discover WashU’s hidden treasure

“Ahoy! Keep going west, Cabin Boy! We must sail away from this whirl of electron affinity! Tug tug…”
I fixed my cocked hat and strode across my bedroom, yelling out to my brother as he steered a small hula hoop beside me. We kept sailing, from center O at 8°00’ N and 15°99’E to Beryllium Island at 3°00’ N and 9°01’ W. It was a treacherous voyage, because we were quickly losing ionization energy!

Where coffee lover falls in love with tea

Caffeine, snacks, and power outlets. And much more than these. An unbiased view from a resident camper at Whispers Café.

Confession of a procrastinator who applied Early Decision

As someone who is powered by deadlines (meaning “early” does not exist in my dictionary), what made me submit my early decision application weeks before the deadline and how did it turn out?

System.out.print(“Hello world!”);

Hello everyone! This is just a friendly code-free introductory post 🙂