Smilin’ & Dialin’

It has over thirty computers, comfy chairs, a bathroom, a water cooler, and a fully equipped kitchen for all your primal needs. There is a projector to view your favorite motion pictures from your Netflix account on the big screen and from Sunday through Thursday from 3-9 there are always people there looking to hang out.

Study Spots

When at Wash U, or any university for that matter, you may be inclined to do some studying. Whether you are working hard or hardly working, it is essential to know the prime spots around campus to hit the books or at least pretend to.

Flying the Friendly Skies

On the flip side going to a college in St. Louis, provides its own great advantages, namely, Lambert airport. The real beauty of Lambert airport lies in the lack of people and lack of stress I encounter when I go there.

St. Louis Spotlight: Big Shark Bicycle Company

It was a beautiful, sunny, and humid St. Louis Summer Saturday. I was innocently biking down the sidewalk of Skinker, admiring my aesthetically pleasing surroundings when I heard a loud pop, quickly followed by another.

Allow me to Reintroduce Myself…

My name is Steve.

I am a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, undecided, but throwing in a fair amount of French/Econ courses. Currently, I am in interning in the admissions office for the summer. I am from the dirty jerz (New Jersey) and thus have been spoiled by great sandies (sandwiches), 24 hour diners, and bagels that aren’t just circles of bread.