Pursuit of Rapport

Listen to my first installment of the untitled blog-cast series where I give tips and share WashU stories. I am a student podcast co-host, and I am so excited to share this side of myself with each of you!

Summer Adventures @WashU: Creating w/ College Prep Scholars

This summer, I had the privilege of working as a Program Assistant for the College Prep Program at WashU.  The College Prep program is an intensive, on-campus learning experience at Washington University for St. Louis area high achieving high school students. College Prep Scholars attend workshops, lectures and campus activities during the summer and academic […]

Summer Adventures @WashU: East End Tour

Whether you are a visitor or member on campus, you are bound to witness the ongoing construction. I’ve grown accustom to the tarp-lined fences on my way to class. When I left at the end of Spring Semester, construction was still being finalized. But it was completed by my return to campus in June. A […]

Understanding Scholarships & Student Financial Services

It is my sincerest hope that this blog post answers any general questions you have about SFS.

WashU on YouTube: An Interview with Desirae Bartos (’22)

The start of her channel was based on the purpose of illustrating diversity at WashU. Desirae says that she wants to show that “there are black women succeeding here and representation is super important”.

WashU on YouTube: An Interview with Madi Mikay (’22)

Her channel is designed to make visualizing diversity easier for future students who want to apply here and envision their attendance.

Campus I SPY: Round 2 (Round 1 Answers Included)

Here is the second round of Campus I SPY. Goodluck!

Campus I SPY: Round 1

The game is simple: guess the name of the building and/or location.

Sparkle’s Commandments for the Incoming College Student

This is a list of rules that I came to learn would have been helpful during my first year at WashU. I want you to succeed within your first year, and so I have supplied you with my veteran advice in the format of commandments. I hope that you are able to implement one or […]

Ice Cream Sundae with Sprinkles

Sparkle’s Creative List of DIY Snacks Using Items from Paws’n’Go—the local South 40 Grocery inside of the Bear’s Den (Aka BD)

Sparkle’s Creative DIY Snacks Using Items from Paws’n’Go

How to Select the Right University for You?

If you’ve just been accepted to Washington University…Congratulations!

I Am A STAR(S) and You Might Be, Too!

If you receive this letter, consider yourself invited to one of the most amazing student engagement programs at Washington University. As a Deneb, I have nothing but high respect for the Deneb Stars Program and its commitment to my overall success as a student at WashU.

A 5 Foot Scorpion Invades Campus

You read that correctly! There is a five foot scorpion on campus. Well…I am building one.                  .  Our first assignment in 3D Studio is that of constructing a variety of insects using mere cardboard. In my opinion, many of these insects are prehistoric or native to certain […]

Being Grateful for the Bear’s Den (aka BD)

BD is open until 3 a.m. on the weekend. And although you may not eat that late now in high school, you will find yourself walking across the South 40 to BD for the special 1 a.m. chicken and waffles—which is a true tribute to my Chicago taste buds.

Designing for America @WashU

Leaving campus is an adventurous way to take a break from the rigor and workload that is WashU. The organizations and extracurricular groups on campus will often lend opportunities for that adventure into the community around your university.

Research Papers Are Not Scary

When you hear the phrase “research paper”, what is your first response? Are you intimidated, anxious, or excited?

FINALS WEEK! (JK, it’s just reading week)

Get as much sleep as you can in high school, because going to bed before 11pm is a goal of mine in college that I have not been able to achieve even if I am physically in bed at 10:30pm

Hello There!

I’m Sparkle and because icebreakers are amazing I’ll share the following fun fact: I am obsessed with Nutella.