Experiencing the Night Sky

Few things have managed to unite human spirit and determination quite like outer space. The prospect of seeing beyond our own world, discovering intelligent life outside of our planet, and potentially learning of the origins of our universe drives individuals across the entire world to look up into the sky with awe and imagine what fantastic things lay out there. This week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the James S. McDonald Planetarium in Forest Park, and once again gaze up to the stars and marvel at worlds beyond our own.

Reliving the First-Year Experience — Lessons from a former WUSA

This past year I served as a Washington University Student Associate (WUSA for short), one of many volunteers with the First Year Center tasked with helping first year students ease into College life through a variety of exciting events and programs. Here I look back on my year-long experience, reflecting on how much I learned about Wash U, and how much work the school puts in to ensure each student has a successful first year experience.

Did someone say coffee shop?

One of my favorite things about St. Louis is how often I find “hidden gems,” or under the radar, amazing places. Last Thursday I decided that I needed an after-work coffee, and found myself at RISE Coffeehouse in the Grove based on a friend’s recommendation. Little did I know that I was in for an absolute treat.

20 Facts about Sandy

Hi everyone! My name is Sandy Chadalavada, and this summer I will be writing on behalf of admissions on the 360 blog. I’m super excited to share my experiences this summer on the 360 blog, and to start things off I’ve put together a list of 20 facts about me that will give y’all a better idea of who I am!