Photo Journal

As my last year at WashU comes to a close, I have pulled together a series of memorable photographs. Without further ado…

A Day In The Life

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while now. My days at WashU are always jam-packed with activities, but it rarely feels too overwhelming. Instead, my full schedule keeps me moving, and allows me to feel continuously productive. Each day is unique, as my class schedule differs. This past Monday was particularly eventful though, so I’d like to take you through it.

Respites on Campus

When I was abroad, I never expected to find spiritual and calming places. At first, I had trouble differentiating between the plethora of churches in Italy. All of the frescoes started to look the same. I became frustrated. As architecture major, I should have been able to tell and appreciate the difference.

Social Media Detox

A couple weeks ago, I found myself checking my phone more than usual. Maybe I was homesick, and texting my friends and family seemed like a proactive way to cure loneliness. Yet, the increase in my technological habits yielded an ever-growing awareness that I was socializing with a screen. While my eyes were perpetually plastered to an artificially lit display, I was depriving myself of tactile human connection.

Classes To Take Before You Graduate

Wash U’s interdisciplinary education has equipped me with skills necessary to travel during my abroad experience. Each day, I use my knowledge to synthesize the plethora of new sights and cultural characteristics that I encounter. Wash U’s versatile course listings exist to nurture well-rounded students, and so, we must take advantage of all our school has to offer.

Diwali Dancer Spotlight: Kriti Prasad

Because I am abroad, I did not have the chance to see this year’s Diwali performance. I have always been interested in the different cultural and creative groups that Wash U has to offer, so of course, I was disappointed that I could not attend. I turned to my good friend, Kriti Prasad, so I could gain knowledge about the celebration even from miles away. Below, please find my interview with her.

My Abroad Advice

Now that I have officially crossed the halfway mark of my abroad semester, I feel experienced enough to relay information to the juniors who will soon venture off this coming term. The majority of my advice applies to European countries, but I have also included universal suggestions. So, without further ado…

Applying Early Decision

When humans make decisions, we can’t go back in time and test the alternative options. This concept is liberating. Even if I could see what would happen if I chose a different early decision school, I honestly wouldn’t. Wash U was the right early decision school for me.
I am a firm believer that someone’s environment impacts his or her growth. Wash U has shaped not only my academic life, but also my set of values. It has certain qualities that simply do not exist at other universities.

My Study Spots: Revealed

With midterms just around the corner here in Florence (and at Wash U), I find myself seeking brightly lit cafes with free Wi-Fi for the optimal study experience. Although I enjoy these trendy atmospheres, I can’t help but wish I could transport Wash U’s reliable study spots here to Florence.

Update from Florence, Italy

I am currently studying abroad with Sam Fox’s College of Architecture here in Florence, Italy. After living in Florence for about a month now, I am eager to share my thoughts on living abroad. I cannot think of a better place to explore the arts. Florence has quickly become my home, welcoming me into its cobblestone maze and feeding me with outrageous food. I am lucky to be here.

NYC Summer: Adult Edition

Before I left for school, my grand-little came to visit me in New York. While we were catching up, she referred to me as an adult. I was shocked hearing this. If someone younger than me perceives me as an adult, then I’m officially an adult, right?

Hey, Art Students! We Can Sell Our Art

This past weekend, I attended an art licensing and textile design show called SURTEX in New York City. It so happens that my illustration professor, Linda Solovic, had some of her work exhibited alongside the other artists. As I walked the massive floor at the Javitz Center, I immediately recognized Linda’s designs with their playful and animated style. It was exciting to see her projects in a professional setting outside of the classroom.

Interactive Chalkboards

This past semester, I enrolled in a class called “Design for Social Innovation.” Taught through The Sam Fox School of Art & Design, the course culminates in a month-long, open-ended project of the student’s choice. After learning about the connection between design and social change during the first half of the semester, I began brainstorming for my project.

The Slaughter Project: A Recap

Last weekend, I attended the Slaughter Project at the Edison Theater. The Slaughter Project, a resident dance company here at Wash U, showcases one performance each year. This specific production was lively and spirited, exploring themes of diversity, technology, mystery and corruption. After the performance, I wanted to know more about the decisions behind the unique movements I had just seen. Below, you will find an interview with Slaughter Project dancer and friend, Elle Dalconzo.

Avoidance is Your Worst Enemy

I’ve always been in tune with how I am feeling. I can sense if I am emotionally exhausted, incredibly elated, highly disappointed, etc. Because of this awareness, I try to take very good care of myself. I push myself when I am feeling motivated, but I reward myself with breaks when I need to rest. In general, I feel comfortable and in control.

Food Hacks on Campus

A bunch of my friends are studying abroad in Europe right now, and I see their Snapchat stories of dripping gelato cones, mouthwatering pasta plates, and rows of decadent sweets. Although I admit I am jealous, it only makes me more determined to eat the best food here at WashU. Our food, as it happens, is rated #1 out of all the colleges in America.

5 Resolutions for a New Semester

Towards the beginning of each semester, I tend to reflect on the past semester and set goals for the upcoming one. I do this seemingly unconsciously, often envisioning how I would like the semester to play out. With each semester comes a fresh chance to set new goals, make positive changes, and strive to be our best selves. There is no better time to consider resolutions as I settle into the first few weeks of the new semester.

About Me!

Hi everyone – I can’t wait to start posting blogs for you all to read! Before I begin, I wanted to conduct a sort of “self interview” so you all could get to know a little bit about me.