PLAY: A Senior Honors Thesis by Sarah Palay

The stage is simply set. Three chairs facing backwards from the audience. No backdrop, no set. Simply blackness. Before the lights go out, we are told to imagine three white boxes where the chairs are, to picture three heads sticking out of the boxes. Three different boxes for three different actors. Cue blackout. Actors to […]

The End of a Stressful[?] Era

Today marks a turning point in my life. Following my own advice (see 13 Things I Learned in 2013), I recently decided to drop my math major in order to devote myself to my true loves: theatre, English, and creative writing. Am I a little scared about stepping out on a limb and pursuing my […]

13 Things I Learned at WashU in 2013

Hello, world of my blog. It’s been a while. Last semester was crazy, but in the best kind of way. It was full of friends, classes,  singing, acting , and just pure fun. Since classes are just getting started this semester, I thought I’d give a neat little recap of fall semester before things become […]

Perspectives (Part 3)

A continuation of the Perspectives series I started last spring. Here’s another WashU perspective from my friend Alex! Note: Everything in [] brackets is my input/interjection. Name: Alex Tinianow Hometown: Sharon, MA (the nation’s BEST small town to live in!! http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/best-places/2013/snapshots/CS2560785.html) Major: Biology: Neuroscience Minor: Jazz Studies Hobbies: Improv acting, singing, listening to movie soundtrack music, laughing, and smelling things […]

Life is a Cabaret!

Last night, I had the opportunity to perform at All Student Theatre’s Cabaret Night. Cabaret is a fundraiser for All Student Theatre and features a lot of talented WashU students. I sang a duet from a musical (surprise, surprise!) with my friend Robert while my friend Jacob accompanied us on the piano. My friend Sarah […]

She Hasn’t Got A Clue

Cast n Crew. Until six weeks ago, all that phrase was to me was the name of a WashU student theatre group whose mailing list I had signed up for during the activity fair the first week of freshman year. Now, when I think about that phrase, the first thing that comes to mind is […]

Go Bears!

Yesterday, I had the chance to attend my very first WashU football game. An avid football fan, I had a great time watching the game with some friends from home who had driven up to watch their son play for the other team (don’t worry–I didn’t hold that against them :)). Some of the guys […]

First 40: Night at the Museum

  As some of you may know, WashU hosts an annual set of events called First 40, which consists of social programming and fun events for the new freshmen during their “First 40” days on campus. This year, First 40 introduced a new event: Night at the Museum. The freshman class had an opportunity to […]

Home Sweet Home

Well, I’m finally back. Back to blogging. Back to exams, homework, and tons of reading. And, most importantly, back to my home away from home–WashU. It was a great summer. I traveled, I learned, I worked, I experienced. But it’s also great to be back. I truly missed WashU. It’s been a whirlwind of a […]

Perspectives (Part 2)

Name: Katherine Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Major(s): Mechanical Engineering and Physics Hobbies: Piano, singing, composing music, writing, guitar Favorite part about WashU: All the opportunities you have! When you’re not studying, you can most likely be found: Hanging out with friends, climbing trees, laughing at funny YouTube videos Best WashU Memory: The massive snowball fight on the Swamp at midnight […]

Perspectives (Part 1)

Though I could sit and talk for hours about all the things I love about WashU, I thought it would be more compelling at times to bring in the points-of-view of some other WashU students who all have their own great stories to share. As such, I’ve decided to launch a new series of posts […]

Curtain Call 2013

My first concert as a member of the Ghost Lights was last night, and I had a great time! Stormy weather aside, it was a super fun night, and I really enjoyed singing some of my favorite songs alongside some of my favorite people! Some of the highlights from the night: I graduated from newbie […]

My Aca-Family

This past January, I did something I wouldn’t normally do, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I auditioned for a cappella. When I say that a cappella is something that I wouldn’t normally do, I don’t mean that singing was something that I didn’t enjoy. In fact, […]

Dorms, dorms, dorms

One of the things that I love about WashU is the dorms. And I don’t just mean the rooms. They’re great, but it is the community that makes dorm life at WashU so wonderful. I live in a single, so I don’t have a roommate, but I share a suite with three other people. Like […]