The South 40 Fitness Center

The South 40 fitness center is one of my favorite places on campus. Many people don’t find out about the 40’s very own fitness center until they have seen their friend disappearing up the stairs in Bears Den. Once they know what it is, they fall in love with this wonderful little treasure tucked above […]

Bear’s Den: By Food and Story

College students love food. One of the times of day they look forward to is heading to Bear’s Den or BD, the South 40’s dining hall. A wonderful place with almost any food a student could want to consume –  stir fry, burgers, veggie burgers, grain bowls, cereal, salads, grilled cheese, Kosher meals, pasta, pizza, palak […]

This Time Last Year: Gateway to Global Citizenship

At this time last year I was barely a freshman. I arrived for pre-orientation without drama and was grateful for the assistance of older Wash U students who had come early to help first years. I was then provided the information I needed to locate my pre-orientation leaders. The hint, “green squiggly things” on the […]

About me: Why I Chose Wash U

Hi my name is Megan and I’m a sophomore at Wash U. I’m studying communication Design and Writing. I’m really excited to be writing about the school because I get to share my love for it with you all. I started thinking recently about how all of this started. When I was a senior in […]