East End Adventures: Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum

The new east end is a vision. Large open spaces and walls that seems as though they are constructed of nothing other than glass. The fountains are lit at night and, when it’s warm, have become a beautiful spot to have a night time chat with a tea from Park Side. In my mind, the […]

Into the Woods: Fireworks in Forest Park

We hear a loud noise, see a bright green glittering flash. I take off in an easy sprint towards the commotion. Fireworks. It’s Friday night in forest park. The glow portion of Balloon Glow is dimming, Balloons slowly descend to the earth. It’s the days heat is still simmering in the darkness and we mingle […]

Illustration of tomatos from the market

Walkable Weekend Adventures: The U City Farmer’s Market

It is Saturday in September. The weekend begins. No class, campus job, or clubs today. Time to dive deeper into readings and explore further in projects…as well as to parcel out for personal play. Saving homework for the afternoon, I’m kicking off the day by meeting up with a past roommate from the freshman dorm. […]

Sold Out in Two Minutes

Sold-out in two minutes. After being closed for expansion along the East End, the reopening of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in September was indeed celebratory. The opening exhibition in the new and improved space is Bare Life by the internationally renowned artist—Ai Weiwei. Before the official opening, there was a soft opening event […]

Fox in the Field: Inauguration

Fox in the Field is a student led journalism group that was brought together for the Inauguration of the new Chancellor, Andrew Martin. Fox in the Field is composed of art directors, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, designers, and editors. Our purpose was to illuminate the inaugural events from the art and design perspective. Our strategy  was […]

Inauguration Symposium

It’s inauguration day and, thankfully, for all those attending the outdoor ceremony in the quad, fall is finally here. Gone is the muggy heat and now come the calm breezes of sunny afternoons padded with fluffy clouds. The traffic of the morning is headed towards the Knight Center building as the symposium occurs soon in the Emerson Auditorium.

Italian Dinner Food

Class Highlight: Dinner in Italian

It is Labor Day Monday and all classes are cancelled, except for ours (don’t worry, it is totally worth it). It is time for the cooking portion of our conversational based Italian cooking class. We arrive in the kitchen and settle down in front of the recipes. Soon we assign a cooking conductor and begin […]

Senior Reflection “Last First Day”

I am settled in. Reunited with items and artifacts from the summer storage unit. Reunited with friends and friendly faces I haven’t seen since before embarking on study abroad semester. I crawl into bed, exhausted I am ready for yet another first day. This first night is stormy and I feel cozy wrapped up in […]

All That Glows: Missouri Botanical Gardens

It’s a Saturday, you’ve been studying inside all morning and you’re ready to get away from beige walls and ceilings to see some greenery. You trek over to the Saint Louis Art Museum admiring an impressionist garden wishfully. Imagining you’re there. While the show of flowers and sunlight falling over the paint like splashes of […]

Into the Woods: Paintings and Picnic Baskets

SLAM! aka Saint Louis Art Museum, sits at the top of Art Hill in Forest Park. It is the nearest off campus attraction in Forest Park. This makes it an easy resource for classes as well as a great excursion from campus. The best part is you can go as often as you like because […]

Endings, Beginnings, and Everything in Between: Graduation

It’s that time of year: graduation. It’s time to say goodbye to our grads and hello to warm weather and new adventures. This week I’ve been contemplating what saying goodbye to the seniors means. First and foremost, it signals that it is my turn to become a senior. Something that seemed impossible to achieve as […]

Into the Grid: Florence Edition

In Firenze, anyone interested in the Renaissance gets to stand and study for short periods in churches, chapels, and buildings designed by many famous renaissance artists, but only the lucky few study for long periods, eat lunch, paint, design, play with the resident cat, for an entire semester in a palace remodeled by Raphael. Italy […]

Revisiting the Renaissance

It’s junior year. I stand at the entrance gazing up at poster of the David by Donatello hanging off the side of the building. The Bargello museum, Firenze. Flashback to freshman year. Looking up at an image of the same David, massive, about this size in William Wallace’s Introduction to Western Art being projected onto […]

Into the Woods: Skating in Forest Park

Running in forest park is a classic diversion for WashU students. The trails vary in sights and lengths. A short run can make an easy workout break from studying or Netflix binge. Running from the AC to Art Hill and back makes for a run that is short and steep. Or, my preference, a run […]

Into the Woods: Lions and Tigers and Bears!

A storm has just passed whether it was a busy week of activities, exams, or a literal weather event. It’s now a sunny day, a snowy night, or course work is a bit less wild. Whatever combination of events it might be, I am seeking to clear my head and get back to home base. […]

Coffee Break

It’s Tuesday afternoon in February, we’ve been in art class for an hour and a half doing critique of a project. Its a standard packing design project, with an historical twist. What would the  packaging design be for a family owned business during the Renaissance. Everyone is enthusiastic about the critique and opportunity to bring […]

Into the Woods: Sledding in Forest Park

Forest Park is a wonderland of different activities for students to engage with for all seasons, yet above all my favorite is winter in forest park. When it begins to snow, as students we bundle as we did when we were young: with hats and gloves, scarves and puffy jackets. We enter the snowy world […]

Into the Grid

When the dawn of finals season rises upon the campus, students remark they are going “off the grid”. At Sam Fox, by contrast,we go “into the grid.” Enter the top floor of Steinberg and you will find the junior and senior communication designers. Each student at a desk that includes a large workspace, a rolling […]