Lofty Lifestyle

The lofts. Four buildings on the Delmar loop that are an easy fifteen minute walk to campus. During the warmer months, the walk to campus by way of Skinker Blvd is shaded by magnificent trees along the Skinker neighborhoods. During the winter, their bare branches reach out to catch snowflakes as they become the woods […]

La Classe in Italia

“Vorrei un cappuccino, per favore” The mornings were soft, the cold of the night warming in the Tuscan sun. My roommate for the duration of the trip was still asleep but I am an early riser. I slipped out of bed, tossed on yesterday’s rumpled jeans, grabbed a key for our airbnb and headed out. […]

A Stand Out Stand Up

It’s a warm Wednesday evening, into the second week of Fall term. Homework assignments, projects, and deadlines are rolling in. It’s 5pm, classes done for the day for most, students should be heading for dinner, study, or a workout, yet instead hundreds are queued outside of Graham Chapel. The students that haven’t checked their facebooks […]

Home Sweet Home

Congratulations on your decision to be WashU Class of 2022! Excellent! Welcome! Now…as you envision freshman year at WashU, there are more decisions to be made around dorm life. Who will your roommate be? Will you go random? Or choose someone? Does your room call out for a color scheme? Should you get the silver […]

Riverfront: The Project Process

Our day began on a bitter February morning at the St. Louis riverfront. It was 8:30 and twenty or so Communication Design students approached the banks. Despite the cold, we were excited to be out of the classroom. Our sketchbooks in hand, we bounded beneath the Arch down to walk by the water. River barges […]

Answering My Own High School Senior Questions

Just about two years ago, I had the great fortune to be able to select from among terrific options for college. At the top of the list was a great mid-western university that I had planned to attend from about the time I was 7 years old, when my much older brother began his freshman […]

The Economics of Making a Small School Big

They say “you can make a big school small, but you can’t make a small school big”. At Wash U, you can have both. One of the benefits of going to Wash U is that because there are several schools in which you can major, Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Art, there is so much […]

The Studio Story

Anytime of day at Wash U there’s a flurry of student footsteps trekking east and west along the Forsyth sidewalk. On closer inspection, you’ll observe students carrying rolls of paper, portfolios, and oversized backpacks with all sorts of pencils, markers, paintbrushes poking out wherever they can. These are the art students. Where are they headed? […]

What a Rush

January, holiday break has transitioned to a new course schedule and frostbitten cross-campus walks under grey skies. What’s to look forward to? Much! Right now on campus, everyone who did formal sorority recruitment is embarking on a new chapter of the WashU experience. Brunches, lunches, coffees, and dinners. Ice skating and bumper car basketball. This […]

Friendly Faces Far and Wide

Great news. By the second year at Wash U, you have made all sorts of new friends. From pre-orientation to freshman foundation classes: your new friends come from here, there, and everywhere. Some come and go as college life shifts, changes and settles. New faces transform into friendly faces you will see everywhere on campus […]

Learning to Learn in Art School

My art experience prior to college was about creating a portfolio and possibly painting some color wheels at one point. The concept of pursuing art at the college level was an abstract concept. No longer. First semester Drawing 1 and 2D Design were an adventure. I felt like I grew, I learned and I improved […]

Faculty Fellows from Summer to Spring

Tacos, dogs, cats, cookies, cupcakes and apple picking, these are some activities that I shared with  residential college faculty fellows during the year. Faculty fellows are faculty members who live within the residential colleges and provide events and activities that gets students out of their daily academic stress and encourage a bit of self care. […]

Roaming around Renaissance Rome

It’s a Tuesday, 4pm. The fifth hour of class for the day is over but there’s one more class to go before I can chill for the day. Instead of being tired and ready to call it a day, I’m looking forward to traveling to Rome. OK – so maybe my travels will more abstract […]

Gallery Going: The Kemper Museum

It’s a sunny fall day and those immense glass doors of the Kemper Art Museum swing open at a relaxed pace. The initial introduction to the WashU’s own art museum takes place with a large metallic ball hanging from the ceiling. It mirrors quietly the bustle of the gallery, visitors from as close as a […]

Study Breaks and Bonding

We are in midterm season at Wash U. You always know when it’s that time: the weather is cooling down, people are pulling on boots, stuffing their arms in sweaters, study groups are forming, reviews are happening, textbooks and notecards are strewn across every table on campus. Students sit together encouraging each other through the […]

Fall It Up

Dogs, donuts, pumpkins, pie, and polaroids. Just a few of the things that make an appearance at Fall activities on the South 40. There is always something to attend. Pay attention to signs posted anywhere in Res Colleges, in BD, and Facebook events and you’ll see the new reminder for whatever fun event is being […]

The South 40 Fitness Center

The South 40 fitness center is one of my favorite places on campus. Many people don’t find out about the 40’s very own fitness center until they have seen their friend disappearing up the stairs in Bears Den. Once they know what it is, they fall in love with this wonderful little treasure tucked above […]

Bear’s Den: By Food and Story

College students love food. One of the times of day they look forward to is heading to Bear’s Den or BD, the South 40’s dining hall. A wonderful place with almost any food a student could want to consume –  stir fry, burgers, veggie burgers, grain bowls, cereal, salads, grilled cheese, Kosher meals, pasta, pizza, palak […]