Advice for Incoming Freshman

Freshman year is a big and exciting change! It’s a time to explore new subjects, develop as an individual, and pursue a campus full of opportunities. Many of these experiences will be in the “learn-as-you-go” category as you embark on your own WashU journey, but here are a few tips to get you started that I wish I had known on the first day of freshman year…

Keep in Touch: Social Distancing Postcards

I think it goes without saying that finishing my senior year from home was not what I had originally expected. Despite this, social distancing hasn’t cancelled my WashU friendships or our opportunities to make memories. In fact, it has heightened my appreciation for my friends and their creativity. We are finding new ways to keep […]

The New Normal

We have all entered some uncharted territory recently as WashU students. I was hiking in my favorite trail in Castlewood and about to head to Meshuggah Cafe for lunch during spring break when I got an email from chancellor Martin. The email informed us that in-person classes would be cancelled for the spring semester and […]

Weekend Adventures: Maplewood

Home to several craft conscious and character filled businesses, Maplewood is the perfect spot for a Saturday away. A ten minute drive from campus delivers students to mouth-watering wonders with an instinct for the inclusive.

4 years later: Why I Would Still Choose WashU

I remember being at a mixer during freshman year—relishing the joy of being in college at WashU, making new friends, and finding belonging. During a longer conversation I engaged in that evening, I realized the students I was talking to were second semester seniors. They seemed so much older to me at the time, more […]

Riso Workshop

Sam Fox is a host of cool equipment: from letter presses to laser cutters. The good news is that students who are in studios with this equipment are taught how to use it safely and have access to it during lab monitor hours. The better news? Students can also gain access to these unique tools […]

Mostly Homemade: 5 Simple Recipes

Meal preparation has become a go-to method of relaxation and study break. Yes, I look forward to going home in the evening and pulling ingredients from kitchen cupboards and the fridge and then assembling them into delicious meals and decadent desserts. When I lived on the South 40 in a dorm, I made do with […]

Interfaith Week Lecture: Faith in Action

One of the great perks of being a WashU student is the number of incredible speakers that arrive on WashU’s campus to share their stories and work. It gives students an avenue to learn about communities that may be different than their own and build new tools, connections and understanding. Recently, the event “Faith in […]

It’s Raining Dogs in Soulard!

Who doesn’t love a furry friend with a wet nose and a warm heart? The Purina Pet Parade and Wiener Dog Derby events that take place in the historic Soulard district of St. Louis are the perfect cure for college induced dog deprivation. Occurring the weekend before Mardi Gras, the Purina Pet Parade boasts that […]

Weekday Adventures: Jessica Hische and John Hendrix

“I am not special and that’s a good thing.”- Jessica Hische Jessica Hische is an illustrator, writer and letterer. She is a New York Times bestselling author, illustrated numerous book covers, and written her own books including In Progress, Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave, and her newest, Tomorrow I’ll be Kind. She has long been a […]

Italian Cooking: Pizza

Buon Appetito! For all intents and purposes, this is our Italian final. The fire in the pizza oven on the patio pops and crackles, echoing in the snowy winter night. We are working the dough. Flattening it out, pressing from the pads of our fingers and rotating it in the air. We coax the dough […]

Weekend Adventures: AIGA Design Week

Each year, the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) St. Louis Chapter hosts a design week in the fall. This is a week of events such as tours of many local studios, keynote speeches, and portfolio reviews. Many events are free and others require an inexpensive $5-10 ticket. Either way, design week is highly recommended […]

Zoo Lights Image

Study Break: Winter Finals

Autumn falls away and winter sets in, leaving college students with fresh snowfall, warm beverages and finals. While studying in Olin’s comfy couches with a cup of hot chocolate can be pretty cozy, there are other ways students can take advantage of the holiday season and take a break from the books. Kemper Kickback Kemper […]

Writers World: Jane Brox Talk

“I am going to begin with a confession.” Jane Brox begins with this intriguing opening line. I await her her next words with anticipation, in the comfortable Hurst Lounge in Duncker Hall. It’s 8pm. Outside the windows, campus is dark causing the bright image of the room to reflect off the glass. The room is […]

Living on Udrive

It’s Saturday evening “in”. Popcorn popping in the microwave, a kettle whistling, hot chocolate poured into mugs and marshmallows plopped on top melting into sugary white swirls. We decide on the biggest laptop and plug the external DVD drive into it along with whatever studio Ghibli film borrowed from the WashU library this week. There’s […]

Theresa Williams Art & Stuff

Weekend Adventures: Maker’s Markets

Makers markets: wonderlands of handmade mugs, printmaker’s posters, saucy stickers and custom calendars. The perfect way to decorate a sparse dorm room with funky finds is to scavenge these markets. These markets come in all different shapes and sizes from mug markets hosted in small coffee shops, craft fairs hosted in large breweries, and print […]

Field Trips: Ai Weiwei Bare Life

One of the best reasons for having the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum on campus is close-in field trips, this is especially exciting when the museum is re-opened in Fall 2019 with an exhibition of work by internationally renowned artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei. Our class meets in the new lobby and get […]

Tiramisu: A Pick Me Up

We enter Iva’s home again. Each of us holds a small glass or plastic container. They are empty now but soon they will be full of rich coffee soaked lady fingers and meringue mixed with cream. Otherwise known as Tiramisu. “Lift me up” is the direct translation from Italian. Tiramisu is n imperative as well […]