How to Live Your Best Life in St. Louis

College life can be so busy that you feel cut off from the world around you. Luckily, St. Louis is a city that has so much to offer!

A Change of Pace: Moving from One Side of Campus to the Other

Although the South 40 is fantastic, WashU Residential Life features even more options for housing. Introducing…the Village!

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Asking for help in college is more productive and accepted than you might think! Trust me.

The Meaning of ‘Family’

Even when your homesickness is at its peak, WashU will be there.

A Guide to Cozy, but Efficient, Studying

Branch out a little bit and I promise studying can be its own kind of adventure!

A Day in the Life

A look at a sophomore student’s 9 to 5…more or less!

West Coast to Midwest

Coming from the desert makes everything about Missouri like a dreamland. The vibrant green of the trees and flowers can sometimes feel like a different planet. But the flora and fauna are definitely how I fell in love with this home away from home.