In a Rush

Greek Life. Every movie portraying a typical college campus shows clips of Greek Life. You’re probably thinking about socializing, rush, and philanthropy. But there’s another side of Greek Life that I discovered coming to WashU, professional fraternities and sororities. This was an entirely new concept to me; these groups are especially dedicated to students who […]

Take a break!

When Fall comes around, students know it’s time for a… Break! Fall break on campus is a great way to finally get a long weekend, two days off just when you need them. Depending on the WashU student, Fall break can look a little different. Some students decide to use this as a chance to […]

GroupMe, Venmo, and other College App-sentials

A list of mobile apps that make college life a bit easier

Let’s Get Started

Hey, everyone! I’m a new blogger for WashU 360, and this is my first post. Yay! I’m not much of a writer (so blogging is quite an adventure), but I do love to share stories. So, let’s start with a little about me: My name is Kristine Ehlinger and I’m a rising Sophomore from Dallas, […]