Photo of the Week: the Village

I just couldn’t help but capture this ridiculously picture-perfect scene! Taken on the lawn in the middle of the Village, the upperclassman housing area.

Photo of the Week: Mosaic Whispers Concert

This Friday and Saturday was the 27th Annual Mosaic Whispers “Splash of Color” Concert. This year’s theme was “Game of Tones.” The Mosaic Whispers are the oldest Co-Ed a capella group on campus, and two years ago made it all the way to the ICCA Finals in New York City!

Photo(s) of the Week: BFA Studio Art Thesis Exhibition

Every weekend this month, a different group of senior BFA Studio Art majors will present or have presented their thesis work. The shows are set up in the beautiful Des Lee Gallery, a WashU-owned space in Downtown St. Louis. The events draw lots of WashU students, faculty, and locals.

Photo(s) of the Week: Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Last week in the art library, WIAD (Women in Architecture + Design) hosted a wikipedia edit-a-thon to address the fact that the majority of Wikipedia articles are written by men.

Photo(s) of the Week: I Heard St. Louis is…

A new interactive art piece has popped up on the construction wall in Sam Fox. The wall features two statements “I Heard St. Louis is…” and “And to Me, St. Louis is…” Boxes of chalk prompt students to write in their own answers to these statements.

Photo of the Week: Hammocking

With the cold of winter behind us, the hammock enthusiasts have already begun popping up all over campus. Hammocking is a popular way WashU students take advantage of the huge trees and open grassy areas to study or take naps in between classes.

Photo(s) of the Week: Bauer

Bauer Hall is one of the newest buildings on campus and definitely one of the most beautiful. The center of this business school building spirals down into a wooden stepped atrium (shown above), perfect for doing work during the day when the whole space is illuminated by the glass ceiling. I come here occasionally to […]

Photo of the Week: Where’d the Snow Go?

Just last post I was celebrating the snowfall, but this weekend we were blessed with beautiful 55 degrees and sunny days. Typical St. Louis! Mudd Field was filled with students hammocking and laying on the grass. 

Photo of the Week: Snow!

This week we got a sprinkling of snow, which was beautiful while it lasted! I took this from my studio in art school.

Photo(s) of the Week: 3D Design Installation

I just saw this installation of 3D Design projects in the hallway and thought they were too cool not to share!

Photo(s) of the Week: Whispers Café Renovation

After a year of construction, the beloved Whispers Café has finally reopened! Due to its central location in Olin Library, this is the busiest café on campus by far. It sorely needed more seating and counter space, which it now has! Whispers also now sells Firepot Tea in pitchers for students who want to sit […]

Photo(s) of the Week: Hillman

Hillman is the newest building on campus and one of my personal favorite places to grab lunch and do work.

Photo(s) of the Week: STL Women’s March

Saturday morning thousands of St. Louis citizens, and lots of my fellow WashU students, gathered at Union Station for the second annual Women’s March.

Photo(s) of the Week: Design for Social Impact

In my Design for Social Impact class, we had a day where we listened to podcasts and newscasts about the opioid epidemic and wrote down or drew our biggest takeaways. We have been researching the crisis all month and are currently designing deliverables to help prevent addiction.  

Photo(s) of the Week: Ibtihaj Muhammad Talk

On Tuesday, the Muslim Students Association brought Ibtihaj Muhammed to speak in Graham Chapel. Muhammed was the first US athlete to compete in the Olympics while wearing a hijab, a traditional headscarf that many Muslim women wear.

Photo(s) of the Week: Senior Trip

This Fall Break over 500 seniors made the trek to Chicago, IL for the annual Senior Trip! We got to stay in the beautiful Marriot hotel and spend the weekend exploring the city.

Photo(s) of the Week: Tyler Oakley

Last Wednesday, YouTube celebrity and LGBT+ activist Tyler Oakley came to speak. CS40 organized the talk. Oakley answered audience-submitted questions and talked about everything from making videos to coming out.

Photo(s) of the Week: Chicago Firm Crawl

This weekend WIAD (Women in Architecture and Design), a student-run club on campus, organized a firm crawl in Chicago. Our group of around 11 girls visited 8 firms over 3 days that focused in either architecture or design.