My D.C. Adventure

This fall break, instead of going back home like I have for the past couple years, I went with some members of the government and public policy work group along with faculty members Amy Heath-Carpentier and Molly Burkot to D.C. to tour organizations there and meet Wash U alumni in the area. The trip was […]

A Not So Hidden Gem

The Career Center at Wash U has many helpful resources for students, but its work groups are some of its best resources. While work groups now represent a variety of interests, from engineering to entertainment, the government and public policy work group was the first of its kind. Students and faculty created it to provide […]

Back to School

The first week of school, for me, is always both exciting and overwhelming. It’s exciting to see my friends again, take new and interesting classes, and consider all the possibilities in store for me in the new school year. However, all the possibilities can be daunting, especially for someone like me who always overestimates the […]

Not So Lazy Days

In college, the options for how to spend your summer are endless. You could take classes to get ahead, intern in the field you’re interested in, or get a summer job, to name just a few possibilities. I’m spending the first half of my summer relaxing at home while working on my study abroad application […]

Once Upon a Meme

Last week, a few friends and I went to see an Aristocats’ acapella concert, which was unlike the ones in Pitch Perfect, but in a good way. The Aristocats are an acapella group on campus that solely sing covers of Disney songs, which was fun for me because I liked recognizing all the songs from […]

Registration Tips

This past week, Wash U students went through the semesterly ritual known as registration. Although incoming freshman choose their classes for the fall semester later on in the summer, current students have just registered. If you’re an incoming student worried about choosing college classes for the first time, have no fear. Here are some tips […]

Social Movements:Sociology 2030

Before this semester, I had never taken a class in the Sociology department at Wash U. I wasn’t even sure what Sociology was exactly, how it was different from Psychology. However, during Spring Registration this past fall, I noticed a class that interested me. It also happened to fulfill my major requirements. The class, Social […]

Writing for WUPR

At the Activities Fair my freshman year, the booth for the Washington University Political Review, or WUPR, caught my eye. The combination of two interests of mine, writing an politics, seemed perfect for me. Like most of the clubs whose mailing lists I signed up for that fall, I didn’t end up going to any […]

Day in the Life-Thursday February 22

Recently, I realized that I haven’t yet shared with you all what a typical day at Wash U looks like for me. So, here’s a little glimpse into my life: 9:00- Wake up. Although I roll over to turn my alarm clock off, I don’t actually get out of bed for another ten minutes. After […]

Comfort Meals

Before coming to Wash U, I wondered about whether I would get tired of eating cafeteria food all the time. After all, even the best cafeteria food gets old after you’ve eaten it for a while.  For my first few weeks at Wash U, although I enjoyed the food, I couldn’t help wanting some variety. […]

Major Decision

It’s almost here. In less than a month, the day I worried about all of freshman year will finally arrive: the day I have to declare a major. And yet, now that it’s quickly approaching, I’m no longer worried. In fact, I’ve already started the process to declare my major, International and Area Studies. If […]

Why I Love Writing

Before I could even put words to paper, I was telling stories. My aunt remembers how whenever our families would go to the beach, I would splash around in the waves narrating stories about mermaids and sea creatures. After my brother was born, I had someone to help me act out my stories. I invented […]

Garden Glow

Every year, the St. Louis Botanical Gardens hosts the Garden Glow, where it covers the garden in Christmas lights for guests to walk around and enjoy. This year, in order to escape from the stress of finals, I went to the Garden Glow with my friends. We bought tickets to the event from The South 40, […]

Thankful for Wash U

After attending school here for about a year and a half, I’ve started to take some things for granted. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking about all the things about Wash U I’m thankful for. Here are just some of those things: The people- Everyone here is so smart, it can be intimidating […]

Veteran’s Day Celebration

Wash U consistently brings in influential speakers and the Veteran’s Day celebration held on Friday was no exception. Speakers at the event included U.S senator from Illinois Tammy Duckworth and former VA secretary Robert A. McDonald. Besides those distinguished guests, there was also a panel of veterans who spoke to issues currently facing veterans, like […]

Sumers Rec Center

A year ago, my freshman year, Wash U completed this new state of the arts rec center. Although the South Forty Fitness Center is nice, since I personally prefer to run on an indoor track instead of a treadmill, I was very excited to see that the new rec center would contain an indoor track. […]


Located a short walk away from campus, the Loop is filled with great restaurants serving all types of food. Whether you’re in the mood for a barbecue place like Salt and Smoke or traditional diner fare like at the Peacock Diner or a build your own pizza places like Pi Pizzeria or a Mexican food […]

ArtSci Major-Minor Fair

This past week, Wash U held its annual ArtSci Major-Minor fair. The fair is a great opportunity for undecided students in the College of Arts and Sciences to learn more about all the different majors and minors the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer. Representatives from all departments in the ArtSci College were […]