LeVar Burton’s Words of Wisdom

LeVar Burton shares things he’s learned about life during his long and successful career during his Assembly Series talk on campus.

Senior Advice, or 9 Things I’m Glad I Did at WashU

Well, as Drake would say, We Made It. Here I am, at the beginning of my eighth semester, only twelve weeks from graduation. Its been an awesome time, and I’m sad to go. Before I do, I hope to pass on things I’ve learned and enjoyed about my time at WashU so that young WashU […]

Finals Week: A Musical Adventure (Videos and Other Magic Inside)

Today, I shall tell the story of reading and finals weeks through music videos. Bear with me, and prepare to go on a life-changing auditory journey.

Writing: a Love-Hate Story

It was the seventh time I was revising this one-page paper. I paused, feeling an unexpected rush of happiness. I’d been working on this same 400-word piece all day, and yet, for some reason, I didn’t want to stop. It was barely a page long, but contained a book’s worth of discussion. Each time I […]

The Nicest Day of the Year?

Today, November 3rd, the temperature hovered between 55 and 70 degrees. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. Leaves were still on the trees, and students were frolicking in the grass, enjoying the wonderful weather. What a day. Rather than just rave about it, I’m going to show you. Below is a picture […]

Pictures of Campus (Gallery)

Here at Wash U, I find myself often overwhelmed by how beautiful the campus is. Most of the time I forget to snap a picture, but sometimes I do so. These are pictures I’ve taken of campus and the area around it in my years as a student here. All were taken on an iPhone. […]

4 Entrepreneurship Lessons

Today, I went to the “Rise of the Rest Road Trip” fireside chat with Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL, and Jim McKelvey, the co-founder of square. The talk was incredible. I’ll sort this article into three sections: the introduction, four takeaways I gained from the talk, and my conclusion on the importance of entrepreneurship. […]

An Economics Department Talk

Tonight, I went to a talk put on by the Economics department. Coming in a few minutes early, I had a feeling of coming full circle as I talked to one of my former teachers, Dorothy Petersen (Dottie, if you’re reading this, you rock!). Her Introduction to Macroeconomics class was the first economics course I […]

A Former CIA Director’s Talk

I don’t go to as many public talks on campus as I should, but I couldn’t resist hearing from Jack Devine, who spoke tonight as part of the Assembly Series. The retired acting director of the CIA gave a lecture titled “The Importance and Ethics of National Intelligence,” and it was fascinating. You can read more […]

Salt and Smoke

[Spoiler alert: Salt and Smoke is the name of a restaurant, not some new recreational activity that all the WUSTL students are doing these days. ] In case I wasn’t spoiled enough, things in St. Louis just got even better. Tonight, after weeks and weeks of anticipation, I finally made it out to Salt and […]

The Hardest Final I’ve Ever Taken

How accidentally enrolling in a Tango class gave me a whole new perspective on dance and encouraged me to take more dance classes in the future.

An Undergraduate Reading

I read an excerpt from one of my non-fiction pieces to an audience of 60 people, including two of my writing professors, and loved every second of it.

A Craft Talk with Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

At an on-campus english department event, author Sarah Shin-lein Bynum shares her use of humor in her writing.

A Unique Study Break

I watch the movie Frozen in the middle of the DUC on a Monday night.

The Semester of Writing

What happens when I take 3 writing classes in the same semester?

Seeing an Improv Show

I go to a show by Mama’s Pot Roast, an improve comedy group on campus.

The Sad, Sad End of Acting I

Going from fumbling all of my lines to nailing every emotion in my final acting scene, I realize the class has ended, just when I started to really love it.

Food on Campus: Bear’s Den Stir Fry

An upperclassman’s (my) glorious return to Bear’s Den’s stir fry station.