For the reminiscent heart

Alternatively titled: nostalgic times call for nostalgic measures

Autumn Leaves Frozen in Time

It’s been long overdue, but after my heart to heart letter with Snow last school year, I have unfortunately loss the desire to build a snowman as of late. However, I figured I’d take this awkward time between winter and spring to reminisce on the passing of the Autumn Leaves. Dear Autumn Leaves, In hindsight […]

Questions Worth Answering

Hi, I’m A’Daja, English major, and you’re reading WashU 360 blogs! [attempts to draw the bear logo in mid-air…fails miserably]

My Favorite Study Spots

When I tell you that it seems like all WashU students do is eat, sleep, and study…and I am not exempt from that stereotype. So, here is a list of my favorite study spots on campus:


WILD Don’t worry this isn’t a typo or a random exclamation. W.I.L.D. stands for  “Walk In, Lay Down”. This name, or acronym to be more exact, refers to a movie screening event initially held in Brooking’s Quad. Students would gather together—bringing chairs and couches into the quad—to watch films. Ever since its creation in 1973, […]

Wandering through the Jungle that is WashU

I’m sort of a pianist, or at least I like to think of myself as such. It’s my favorite pass time…other than sleeping. My love for pianos, keyboards, and everything in between has led me to many different places around campus. So, I figured I would trace my journey across WashU’s campus in search of […]

Why WashU?: Being Brave

I wish I could say that WashU was my number one choice. That it was my dream school and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. But that wouldn’t be true. It’d make me a fraud, and if there’s one thing I cannot do…is to be dishonest to myself or to you. But in all honesty, […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Go UP

As a first-generation college student, most of what I know about applying to, attending, and surviving at university is through my own collective experiences. Needless to say…it has been a tremendously bumpy road.

Meet the Creators’…Gallery

Crushed egg. Splat. Piano keys. Clang. Comedic skit. Clap. Clap. Clap. These are the visual images displayed before you. A soft hum of a gentle voice, flowing from a girl warming up before her performance. Rustling of paper as two guys prepare to set the scene for a small play. The clanging of folding, metal […]

Something Bigger Than Yourself

A look into how I spend my Friday evenings.

Fierce as the Freezing Snow

Don’t get me wrong, the snow is really beautiful…I just have a few qualms.

Paint with all the Colors of Your Mind

It’s okay to take a break and relax every once in a while.

Roaring into a New Environment

Alternate title: “Everything that the light touches is yours.”

Swim like a Mermaid, Sting like a Bee

In this essay I will…compare riding a train to flying?

Flying into Fall Break

What did my Fall Break on campus look like? Lots and lots of sleep.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Rocky Horror?

I stood right at the front of the closed doors. Surrounded by the slight murmur of conversation. A line of people gathered behind me, anxiously waiting. I pull my phone from where it hides, tucked away into my back pocket. The time is 7:59. Just one…minute…left. One more minute until I’m confronted with the the […]

Tangled up in a New World

Leaving the long stretch of grass, trees, corn fields, and lakes that is Louisiana was one of the hardest and also most exhilarating moments of my life. Saying goodbye to family, friends, childhood homes, and welcoming in new experiences and opportunities with open arms. This is where all those days watching from the window got […]

Cave of Wonders

It’s always rewarding when you have a class that actually makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. To me, as a prospective English major, writing soothes the soul. It allows me an escape. It is a tool that I often use to release my thoughts into the world, hoping that one […]