My Semester Abroad…In Washington DC

At Wash U, there are a ton of different study abroad options should you choose to take a semester and go explore somewhere new. Because I’m doing the Brown School 3-2 program, I knew that if I wanted to go ~abroad~, I should do it as early as possible. In all honesty, I was looking […]

I Did Everything Fun In St Louis On My Birthday So Now You Don’t Have To

Let’s just cut right to the chase. As the title of this post suggests, I went all out on my 21st birthday this year filling up my entire last week of classes attempting to find the best activities in the St. Louis area. I have spent multiple birthdays in St. Louis since I was in […]

A Community That Cares

Wash U dining services are among the unsung heroes of our campus. Every day hungry Wash U students bombard the facilities at unholy hours of the night in desperate search of pizza, half and halfs, yogurt, or very very large cups of coffee. Among all of our tireless dining staff, none are more resilient than […]

A Definitive Ranking of St Louis Pizza Places by Someone Who is Kind of From St Louis

As a budding social worker on an accelerated graduation track, I take all opportunities I can to delve into conflicts throughout my community. St Louisans are nothing if not extremely opinionated and as someone who lived here for almost four full summers while she was attending boarding school on the East Coast, I consider myself […]

Officer Casem

WUPD By Name And Story

The Washington University Police Department is known for riding their bikes around campus, yelling in the Bear’s Den at late hours of the night about labeling your personal belongings, and driving tired students back to their dorms after it gets dark. Not many officers are known all too well by the campus, but there is one who maintains an amicable rapport with all the students he interacts with.

Meatless Mondays: A Vegetarian Guide to the Delmar Loop

St Louis, even though it’s known for large amounts of barbecue etc, has a wide variety of options for vegan an vegetarian food, but most Wash U students do like to stay focused close to campus on the Delmar Loop.

Showing Up: A Guide to WashU Audition Week

Unsurprisingly for many of us, WashU has a decent number of students on campus that were considered “Theater Kids” in high school; the awkward kids who belted out the Wicked soundtrack in their bedrooms or cried themselves to sleep listening the Hamilton circa 2017. These are the real nitty gritty salt of the Earth theater […]