Women in IT (Part I): Introduction to SPIN-IT

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m a member of SPIN-IT, a new leadership program at WashU for women in IT. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of SPIN-IT, and in this series of blog posts I’ll go into detail about what I’ve been doing. Spoiler alert: it involves female empowerment and a lot […]

Cardinals, milk tea, and other things

Boba/Bubble Tea/Milk Tea Being from SoCal, I cry a little bit inside every time someone calls the delicious tapioca drink “milk tea” or “bubble tea” instead of boba. (Except I’m starting to call it bubble tea myself now because I hear it so often.) There’s a place on the Loop called St. Louis Bubble Tea […]

Student Spotlight: David

Name: David Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Year: Freshman Major: Possibly biochem. I’m pre-med, and I know I want to study science, but I’m not sure which one. Possibly a biophysics minor. Dorm: Elliot A What’s the best thing about the dorm you live in? I get along really well with my floormates. We have floor dinners, we’ve been […]

Try new things!

Hello friends! A lot has happened since the first day of school, but I’ll address the most important thing first: my mom came to WashU this weekend! It was an especially treasured visit because she wasn’t able to move me in or visit me during freshman year. I gave her a tour of WashU, took […]

First Day of Sophomore Year

I got the video uploaded 20 minutes before midnight. (So technically still Tuesday!) Editing took longer than I thought, sorry. It was a long day, but a good one! Song is “Palos Verdes” by Riley and the Roxies

Freshman Survival Guide: Communicating with your professors

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, classes start in two days. Did you get your dorm room set up, your mini-fridge stocked, and your school supplies organized? Good, then it’s time for the last installment of the Freshman Survival Guide series! The subject I saved for last isn’t that exciting, but it sure is important. Today I’m going to talk […]

Dera 2.0

If you were hoping for this to be a Freshman Survival Guide post, it’s not, sorry. (The last post of that series will go up on either Saturday or Sunday.) I do, however, have something else for you. *whisks white sheet off of head* Presenting Dera 2.0! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7wd7ZF4Ufc&w=640&h=480]

Freshman Survival Guide: On Looking Like a Freshman

By reading this post, you will automatically rocket to sophomore status you will learn some basic tips that might be advantageous to you. I initially titled this post How to Not Look Like a Freshman because I got several requests for such an article. But I don’t like the idea of telling incoming freshmen that […]

Freshman Survival Guide: 30 fun things to do on/off-campus

This isn’t in any particular order. I’m just listing whatever comes to mind: 1. sledding on lunch trays in Forest Park 2. concerts at the Pageant or the Peabody Opera House 3. make your own butter with WUChurn, WashU’s butter-churning club 4. see an improv show. K.A.R.L. and Mama’s Pot Roast both do short form. […]

Freshman Survival Guide: Om Nom Nom

This post is part of the Freshman Survival Guide series. Visit the FSG category to see new posts as I add them this summer. I could tell you about all the great food that WashU has, but that’s not going to help you. It’s just going to make you even more anxious to get to […]

Freshman Survival Guide: Buying and Packing for College

I’m from Southern California, so I didn’t drive to college. I flew Southwest (first two checked bags are free!) and checked in a suitcase and a military duffel bag. I brought my guitar on board with me as a carry-on. How did I manage to fit everything I needed for 9 months into a suitcase […]

Freshman Survival Guide: Studying Strategies and Time Management

This post is part of the Freshman Survival Guide series. Visit the FSG category to see new posts as I add them this summer. 5 Great Places to Study I’m only listing 5 because I don’t want to take away the excitement that comes with discovering a special (sometimes secluded) place on your own. There […]

My sophomore fall semester courses

I can’t believe I’ve been here for eight months already. I wouldn’t say freshman year flew by, per se, but it definitely didn’t seem like 2/3 of the year. It didn’t seem that long at all. It’s quite the paradox: I feel like I’ve been here forever; high school seems so far behind me. At […]

Spring WILD 2013 presents: Yeasayer, Mat Kearney, and Atmosphere

WILD, a concert event held twice a year on Brookings quadrangle, stands for Walk In Lay Down. As I have been told by upperclassmen and by Wikipedia, the concert is so named because the old tradition was to bring couches to the quad and lie down on them during the concert. Does this mean the […]

Spring is here! (and so are the hammocks)

This wonderful warm weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Wait…okay, it could have. It should have been here like a month ago (instead, we got a second winter). But I’m cool with this.  If only I had a picture of what the weather forecasts used to look like. It was sad. As a […]

Welcome, Regular Decision Class of 2017!

Congratulations to all of you! While I was starting spring break on a plane to Wisconsin, you were waiting by the computer with sweaty palms. How many times did you click refresh? Probably a lot. If I’m wrong—if you weren’t waiting with bated breath, it’s possible that you’re just not that into WashU. Maybe it’s […]

Spring break in “the Dairy State”

Everybody knows happy cows come from California. You knew that, right? So when my roommate Loren told me that her home state, Wisconsin, is the master of dairy, I refused to believe it. The way I see it, California > Wisconsin in every aspect. West Coast, Best Coast! I spent a week in Milwaukee for […]

K.A.R.L. Improv–the R stands for funny

K.A.R.L. has a tradition of going to Chicago for fall break. K.A.R.L. also has a tradition of spelling our name out with our bodies in front of The Bean in Millennium Park. What is K.A.R.L., you ask? Sacre bleu, I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned it before! K.A.R.L. is only THE BEST IMPROV GROUP AT WASHU! I […]