Rush is a Rush

Here is a break down of the rush process as well as a little snippet of my experience in Greek life at WashU!

Finding my Passion

I found my passion here at WashU, hopefully, you can as well!

WashU chooses U

When I thought about college, I thought my next four years would take place in Manhattan. I was excited to walk into a cafe and watch the lives of strangers take place in front of me, excited to be Carrie Bradshaw or Serena van der Woodsen, to be part of something that was so much […]

Save the Animals, Eat at the Global Station

The vegetarian lifestyle can be extremely difficult while in college. Here are some of the best vegetarian spots on campus!

This is Real, This is ME!

Coming into college was terrifying, but WashU has been a place where I’ve genuinely found things I’m passionate about. Here’s a sneak peek into my life as a current freshman.