St. Louis Spotlight: The Muny

The Muny is this amazing place—basically Disneyland for someone like me. It is an outdoor theater that’s basically a big concert venue for musicals. It’s actually the largest outdoor theater in the world, and it seats about 11,000 people for each performance.

10 Reasons Why You Should Register for Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is a 12 hour event supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You dance for 12 hours and raise money for the kids. Best day ever, right? If you know me at all, I’m sure you’ve heard me say, “Register for Dance Marathon!” or have texted you “dm.wustl.edu!” If you responded with, “Ok!” or actually clicked the link and signed up, you’re definitely on my good side. But, if you ignored me or said you would do it later (but never really did), here are ten reasons why Dance Marathon is the absolute best!

Open Letter to my Freshman Floor

Your freshman floor is such a special community. Everyone is in the same boat—you’re all new, knowing no one, understanding little to nothing about college, and most excitingly, all living together. Even two years later, I still reminisce about my days living in that modern double in Danforth. The geniuses who create the housing assignments brought me my best friends and the best first year experience anyone could imagine.

About me!

Hi everyone!! My name is Danielle, and I’m a rising junior here at Wash U. I’m so excited to be spending my summer working in the admissions office as an intern (and getting the opportunity to share some of my story here on the blog)!